Power & Rack Equipment—Run Your Business Securely and Round the Clock with Zero Downtime

When companies are not well-equipped against these problems, it can bring their businesses to a standstill. And when they are inaccessible to their clients and partners, they often end up losing great opportunities to sell or do business as their clients and partners then choose their competitors over them.

To avoid being in such a situation, it’s best to invest in IT products that can help you ensure business continuity no matter what.

With power & rack equipment, you can avoid business downtime significantly and also ensure that there is no data loss due to sudden power failure. These products give your team ample of time to save data properly and ensure that no data is lost because of a power outage.

Enterprises today often face the problem of business continuity for reasons like:

  • Cable blockage
  • Poor equipment maintenance
  • Overheating of the system
  • Power outage

By investing in IT products for power & rack equipment, you can ensure that your business never sleeps. It enables you to extent excellent customer support services which also help retain happy customers and grow your customer base. Customers prefer working with enterprises that are available whenever they need them. However, you can never deliver this kind of service if your business is always exposed to the problems that we’ve mentioned above.

Therefore, ensure business continuity by installing high quality power & rack equipment in your IT turf. Explore our product range to make your pick.

Top IT Products for Power & Rack Equipment for Businesses

Power & Rack Equipment

Racks & Rack Equipment

To avoid issues like cable blockage, and system overheating problems, consider investing in racks & rack equipment. These are considered as primary components that offer excellent support for electronic equipment, cable management and cooling power.

Racks are basically used to mount network equipment and they also give you easy equipment access that helps in keeping the equipment clean and well-maintained.

We, at IT Solution Singapore, specialise in power & rack equipment. We offer businesses across enterprises the widest range of rack and rack equipment products which include products like cable management trays, rack monitors and enclosures. These are a one-time investment that last for years.
Poor cable management can lead to problems with business telecommunication and information system networking. By investing in these products, you can easily overcome the problem of cable blockage and management.

Browse through our racks and rack equipment to see what we have in store. Invest in rack equipment to ensure business continuity.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Another IT product that you should consider investing in and installing in your business turf is the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). It is one of the best ways to minimize business downtime as a UPS offers businesses uninterruptible power protection.

A UPS comes with a powerful battery that helps maintain power supply during power failure or outage. In other words, it keeps your important IT resources like servers and computers running for long hours giving your staff plenty of time and flexibility to continue their business operations and store important data so that it does not get lost. With a UPS installed in your business turf, you can be confident that your resources and data are well-protected from sudden voltage fluctuations and power breakdowns which otherwise can damage the IT system greatly.

The Uninterruptible Power Supply System can be divided into two basic categories, standby and on-line. To learn about these two basic types of UPS, and how a UPS functions, click here.

Server Rack

For a business to run smoothly, it’s electronic equipment is going to need the best possible support that money can buy. Business telecommunication and information system are all powered by IT, and for it to function efficiently, companies need to invest in the best racks and enclosures to provide the equipment with the proper support that it is.

Aside from the clients, the server room is the lifeline of the company, for one very simple reason – companies rely on computers to get the job done. This means that it is imperative for companies to have a fully functioning server room which is devoted to all the equipment and necessary setup equipment needed to keep the server room running in optimum condition. One of these equipments? Server racks.

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