Online Reputation Management

81% of consumers say online reputation highly influence their perceptions of companies and their products / 81%
62% of consumers say they would change their minds about buying a product or service after reading between one to three negative reviews of it / 62%

We help businesses to manage their online presence with our online reputation management services. The service allows you to control your image and protect your privacy.

Our online reputation management services consist of assisting you in brand monitoring and helping you to strengthen your online reputation.

Online Brand Monitoring

Monitoring your brand regularly will help you to be aware of what others are saying about your brand online. You will also be well informed if there is any negative reviews about your brand online and are able to take action in a short period of time. Brand Monitoring is vital to your company’s success. It is good to pay attention to what the media, both online and off, are saying about your brand.

Study shows that consumers usually trust online reviews, and in most cases, Google gives higher search result placement to listings with a higher number of positive reviews. As a result, brand monitoring helps to increase your ranking on Google, allowing you to be more “searchable” among your competitors.

Strengthening Online Reputation

Strengthening your online image is highly recommended for businesses. Apart from Google search results and Google My Business Page, social mention is also useful for building your reputation on social media platforms.

It is well-noted that online reviews influence consumer’s buying decisions. Thus, improving your online reputation can have a positive and quantifiable result.

However, focus is essential for monitoring and managing your online reputation. It is an on-going responsibility and requires constant time, effort and energy. This is why many companies engage other third-party company for their online reputation management services.

What happens if you neglect your online reputation?

  • Negative Reviews are here to stay

Negative reviews, if not attended, can lead to bad online reputation. It can remain on the web to be seen by many, which in turn can cost you a lot. Although some negative reviews cannot be removed, but companies can at least understand the issue and try to resolve it, rather than leaving it there forever. We suggest companies not to waste any opportunities to turn negative situations into positive ones. Similarly, you can also turn positive situations into lifetime customers by showing gratitude for customers online.

  • People form impression of you

More and more people are using major search engines sites to retrieve information online. Therefore, they form impressions about your brand by the way it appear online. If you have a lot of negative reviews online, it increases the chance that users will naturally form a bad impression about your company, even if they did not experience it themselves.

Our Online Reputation Management Services

1. Online Brand Monitoring

Our services include doing a monthly scan online for negative reviews and evaluate the company’s online reputation.

2. Strengthening Online Reputation

We can initiate suppression campaigns and take advantage of google/social media sites to enhance the reputation of a business.

3. Report

Once the situation is assessed, we will provide details of how we improve the company’s online reputation for our clients.

Your digital identity and the type of information revealed about your businesses in simple search results might affect your reputation, revenues, profits and traffic. Engage us today.