Store & Retrieve Data and Even Send Files to Other PCs on the Network

Enterprises of all sizes worldwide are continuously investing in servers to serve business networking and communication purposes. A computer server enables organizations to store & retrieve data and even send files to other PCs on the network. But, to ensure that your server works smoothly, efficiently, and delivers high performance at all times, you must have the best server operating system installed.

A server operating system or server OS is basically an operating system that is exclusively designed for running computer servers. The server OS is the main software layer that acts as the basis for other programs or applications to run on the server hardware, smoothly. It facilitates the typical roles of a server like a web server, file server, application server, print server, and mail server.

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At IT Solution, we have the two most popular and widely used server operating systems in the world, Windows Server and Linux Server. Explore our range to see which one best suits your business requirements. We assure you that you’ll be amazed at the features and benefits of these server operating systems.

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Linux Server

Growing massively in popularity, Linux Server or Linux Server Operating System is a powerful alternative by the Linux open-source OS. This server operating system is specifically designed to both handle and manage the most challenging demands of business applications. Some of those are system & network administration, web services, and database management.

When measured on performance, the Linux server offers users excellent flexibility, stability, and unmatched security. The Linux server operating system is now available in various forms and types.

Just to inform you, the three most popular ones among Linux servers are ClearOS, Ubuntu, and Red-Hat Enterprise. Also, Linux servers are usually being used for web hosting.

Windows Server

Microsoft is one of the leaders in technology, developed Windows Server. This can be described as a group of smart and highly functional server operating systems designed to deliver excellent performance. This server operating system can efficiently handle, execute, and manage a large variety of server-oriented operations and functions. Some of them are corporate networking, intranet, databases, and more.

Many businesses including SMEs and large industry giants prefer Windows Servers over other OS for many reasons. Some of the benefits that users can enjoy in Windows Server Operating System are: it is super easy to configure and setup, it has very low resource consumption, and a lot more. One good thing it does is it frees up unused resources to give way for other important functions.

If you wish to learn more about the server-oriented operations that you can perform using Windows Server, let us know! We will give you the top reasons why should you integrate Windows Server 2016 in your existing IT business landscape. Plus, you will get to know other amazing benefits of this server operating system.

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