Managed Firewall Services Singapore

Physical Firewall

Firewalls are a core component of an overall network structure, architecture and IT security. The absence of a firewall or a misconfigured one is a critical threat to important company datas. Our firewall services protect critical networks and application services, create a barrier between a trusted network and other network, prevent viruses, web-borne attacks and hackers from intruding. The service comprises of installation and operation. Our firewall allows you to deploy security in your high speed network and data centers without compromising performance.

Virtualized Firewall

Virtualized firewall is a cloud-based subscription firewall service with network-based deployment. It enables our customers to access the internet securely, without any worries as their firewall is being well-protected. We configure the security policy and set policy rules based on our customer unique business needs. We provide Intrusion Detection (IDS) and Prevention (IPS) Systems and anti-DDoS to enhance firewall security. Communication across accounts or apps become easier when datas are exposed selectively in a parent account VLAN to applications residing in specific sub-accounts. Creating cloud firewall policies allow a parent account to communicate with servers in all sub-accounts.

Managed Firewall

IT Solution helps to manage and maintain your firewall to keep your network safe from threats, so that you can continue your daily routine without interruption. We provide around-the-clock service, support and monitoring, with real-time reporting and centralized protection for all networked computers. Our managed firewall service blocks or allows traffic by IP address and port/protocol, providing the baseline protection to your IT infrastructure service. We use a dedicated, secure network for operational management of our customers firewalls in each of our Data Centres.

We proactively responds to new threats in order to secure your infrastructure and dedicated to provide the highest quality support in the industry and tailor our services to suit individual needs, providing full fall-back firewall configurations, if required. Our specialists will be working closely with your company to ensure the high quality service that fits your business requirements.

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– Secure
– Compliance Assistance
– Flexibility
– Proactive Management
– Cost-efficient
– Deep-level firewall security incident management
– Guaranteed Service Level Agreement to ensure service performance
– Quick to deploy
– No upfront investment
– Automated Updates
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