Disaster Recovery Services in Singapore


Why Should You Employ a Disaster Recovery Solution?

Disaster recovery solutions have tremendously evolved as technology advances further. It has graduated from the traditional model to a more compact, centralized, and convenient approach. In addition, virtual backup programs of today have become cheaper to afford and easier to use, contrary to the older prototypes.

Still, not many companies, particularly small enterprises, maximize virtualization of their data. Some contend that they do not have an adequate budget to do so, while others intentionally ignore the idea. Later on, they suffer the consequences of not preparing for the worst possible outcome. Catastrophic events like natural disasters and even man-made actions like hacking are not uncommon. Soon, it is too late for them to realize this when the damage has already been done.

Do not let this happen to you. Your company might be living healthily now, but complacency breeds laxity. Take it from us: there is a 99.9% chance that you will experience data loss. It is only a matter of when will it strike you.

Be ready for the worst possible outcome by safeguarding your files and retrieving them appropriately when the need arises. Our team at IT Solution is offering to you that assurance through our Disaster Recovery Services. You will never have worries about your data being compromised or your performance slowing down ever again.

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What Does IT SOLUTION Offer in Terms of Disaster Recovery?

Basically, hiring a professional service provider like IT Solution will net you immeasurable advantages for your organization. For one, we offer a complete set of services that encompass the fundamentals of disaster recovery. To further gain an edge over the competition, we take it up a notch by adding extra amenities. We also consider factors that could influence your future decisions and make sure that our services align well with your objectives.

Here are some features you can expect from our disaster recovery solutions:

  • Private Cloud Disaster Recovery – Cloud technology is the future of disaster recovery, and it will stay relevant for a long time. Its potential is limitless – leveraging it will guarantee your company’s survivability amidst technology’s pitfalls. Our services include software storage, data replication, and real-time data retrieval. We are highly proactive; everything is recorded in the system, from the smallest file uploads to massive data inputs.
  • Disaster Recovery Optimization – We put disaster recovery solutions to the next level by optimizing your company’s operational workflow and improving your storage capabilities. We will implement the latest cloud-based technology to let you access your data freely and ensure long-term productivity. This removes the need to buy software which in effect could save costs.
  • Custom Disaster Recovery – Gone are the days when file recovery services follow a methodology of offering basic or premium packages. To be frank, this approach does not fully resolve the issue, since not all companies encounter the same concerns. This is why we provide 100% personalized services as a way of addressing your needs comprehensively. Through this system, we can identify suitable solutions and conduct specific actions to fully meet your terms.

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