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Traditional disaster recovery is becoming more and more redundant for businesses with each passing day. This is because, in traditional business disaster recovery, even a hefty budget will eventually result in making some tough decisions as to what applications are going to be covered and what applications are going to be compromised upon with regard to the operational workflow.

That of course, is a concern of the past, and many small businesses, corporations, and international organizations today make use of virtualization as an integral part of the disaster recovery. Virtualization of IT systems and resources and the advent of private and public cloud computing has also made it possible for a business to run operations smoothly, despite data loss, theft, or natural disaster with little to no downtime.

At IT SOLUTION, we provide the most comprehensive disaster recovery solutions in Singapore as part of our backup solutions. This allows our clients to have an affordable, centralized, and easy to manage disaster recovery solutions that provide all their applications, data, and systems with much needed protection.

Disaster Recovery

IT SOLUTION Disaster Recovery – A Complete Suite of Disaster Recovery Solutions

Disaster recovery is as important to a business as creating more room for technology in the workflow. Without proper disaster recovery solutions, there is no limit as to the damage that can be done to the workflow, finances, and compliance with regulatory bodies.

This is where IT SOLUTION helps your business by providing a wide range of disaster recovery solutions, including (but not limited to):

Disaster Recovery
  • Private Cloud Disaster Recovery – Private cloud disaster recovery is ideal for corporations and large organizations. This solution provides data replication, software defined storage, and proactive response to disasters, enabling businesses to gain access to the latest editions of data and information. As such, private cloud disaster recovery optimizes storage, reduces costs, and provides an easy to use interface with centralized data management.
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service – Disaster Recovery as a Service is a cloud based framework technology that can be personalized as per the data structure and operational workflow of your business. This solution enables you to avoid costly purchases of software and infrastructure while letting you optimize disaster recovery within your operational budget. By offering native disaster recovery capabilities via the cloud, we provide a robust solution for all types of businesses.
  • Custom Disaster Recovery – If you are looking to take advantage of the flexibility of private cloud solutions and the infrastructure capabilities of disaster recovery as service solutions, then our customer disaster recovery solution is just what your business needs. This is the preferred solution for large businesses and corporations that need to add layers of security to their business data, systems, and networks.

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Disaster Recovery