Necessity Behind IDD Calling for Business

IDD Calling for BusinessMany telecom providers provide International Direct Dial (IDD) telephone calls at reduced rates. The IDD prefix is an international prefix that is required to dial a call from one country to another country. This is then followed by the country code for the country which receives the call.

Singapore has multiple IDDs because there are various long-distance carriers. Generally, better quality connections also known as “premium” by suppliers, are more expensive compared to calls made on a lower rate, otherwise known as “budget” where the line may crackle and have a time lag.


How IT Solution Offers IDD Calling for Business

We offer high-quality International IDD calling services. This service offers the convenience of calling anywhere in the world from any fixed landline or mobile phone. We offer low IDD rates without compromising voice quality. Our solutions are specially crafted to assist businesses in managing their international, roaming and homeworker expenses on voice and data services.

There are several methods to make IDD calls. You will not be required to change your existing phone system, IDD calls can be made the way you are making calls today but at competitive rates. You can start making international calls directly from your contact list by just downloading our mobile app from the Apple or Google PlayStore. This allows for cost-effective international calls and helps you save up to 70%.


SIP Trunk

IDD Calling for BusinessWe also offer SIP trunk, this is a direct connection between your organization and an Internet telephone service provider (ITSP). This configuration is simpler, easier and less expensive to design, operate, maintain, and upgrade.

SIP Trunk allows your employees to utilise International Dialing services directly from their existing PBX systems. Whether you are using a traditional or IP PBX, we have the solution! Plus you can save up to 50% on your international calling services. A few factors that may influence your decision to use a SIP trunk are low IDD rates, direct dial from a mobile phone, no contract, high-quality calls and voice while roaming.

In today’s world, communication is key for any business, which is why the services we provide are designed to deliver high call quality.

Contact us at IT Solution if you’re interested to find out more or you have company communication concerns.