IT Products Specialist – We Cater To All Your IT Needs Under One Roof

IT Products Specialist - We Cater To All Your IT Needs Under One RoofIn comparison to the corporate world a few decades ago, today’s corporate world is technologically advanced. Businesses across diverse industry verticals are continuously adopting the latest in technology for several reasons.

Not only does it allow businesses to improve their organisational performance, and productivity, but by adopting new IT products that are specifically designed to secure your business premises and IT turf from thefts and break-ins, businesses can also ensure maximum business protection and security.

Apart from boosting performance and ensuring business security, there are other IT products that help businesses go global and deliver excellent customer support services to their clients like cloud & storage, and networking solutions.

Besides this, you can also lower the cost of doing business by investing in high quality technology products like printers and copiers that are practically irreplaceable. Even today, businesses use printers and copiers to print out and create copies of business reports, documents, contract agreements and presentations. By having a high quality printer and copier installed in-house, you can significantly lower the cost that comes with getting coloured prints and copies in bulk.

Whether you’re looking for IT products for security, advanced software programs to boost business productivity, new types of computers to help your staff go mobile, IT products to keep your sensitive data secure, technology solutions to establish a seamless telecommunication network or a server operating system that can help you perform various types of server oriented functions with ease, at IT Solution Singapore, we cater to all your needs. We provide you with the widest array of high quality, cutting-edge, performance boosting and user-friendly IT products at the most competitive rates.

With us, you don’t have to go anywhere else, and that’s a promise we love to keep. We are your one stop provider for all your technological needs. We strive to provide our clients with the latest and best in technology so that you can meet all your technological needs while securing a competitive edge over other industry players. Additionally, we provide you the support you need to make informed investment decisions. Discuss your business needs and technological requirements with our team and we’ll help you navigate through the best options and choose the one that fits your needs and budget, the best.

Our Areas of Specialisation

We take pride in being recognised as the leading IT product specialist in Singapore. We specialise in the following areas of IT products:

IT Products for Cloud & Storage

To compete successfully in today’s dynamic business world, enterprises are now migrating to the cloud. Businesses are adopting cloud & storage solutions to stay ahead of the competition. Cloud storage options offer businesses several benefits. By switching to the cloud, you can keep your business data safe from both man-made and natural calamities. And you know what that means?
Even if your business is exposed to natural disasters like earthquakes or malicious programs created by humans, you can easily resume your operations if you have your data stored on the cloud. You can retrieve all your business data in a few minutes and continue to work without experiencing any kind business downtime.

Additionally, being on the cloud also gives businesses the flexibility and convenience to access business data from anywhere and from any device. This enables them to make real time business decisions, from anywhere while they are on the go—tapping great business opportunities that come their way. To learn more IT products for cloud & storage, click here.

IT Products for Computers

Since most of the work done in offices today is computer-based, it’s extremely importantly for companies to invest in computers that match their business needs and productivity goals. For example if your staff members are mostly travelling for business purposes and meeting clients and partners actively, then you might want to invest into laptops, tablets or hybrid laptops instead of desktop PCs. This is because these types of computers can easily be carried around. Besides this, it also enables you to access your important business information and data on the go.
At IT Solution, we offer businesses the highest quality and the widest range of computers from the industry leading manufacturers’ at the most competitive rates. Browse through our computer range to find out what types of computers are available in the market.

The best way to select the right type of computer is to keep your business needs and goals in consideration. Keep in mind how you work and what devise would help you boost your business productivity. Click here to view our range.

IT Products for Networking

Invest in IT products for networking to establish a strong telecommunication network within your organisation. A strong and seamless telecommunication network is important to get the work done faster and to deliver excellent customer support services to your clients.
Once you create a well-integrated and seamless networking system across enterprise, you will be able to enjoy a unified communication network across enterprise. And this will also simultaneously help you increase your operational efficiency.

Through a unified communication network, you can easily exchange data over the network among different departments within your company and perform inter dependent tasks much faster. By completing tasks faster, you can increase your business productivity. And increased productivity helps improve business performance which further helps improve business profits.

To establish a unified communication network, explore our IT product range for networking. Click here to get started.

IT Products for Power & Rack Equipment

In today’s competitive business world, you can’t afford downtime. Downtime can do great deal of damage to your business. It can make you lose great profit making opportunities and you can even lose your valued customers and potential clients to your competition.

Downtime means your clients and partners can access your business services or products. In situations like these, many would prefer to work with and choose your competitor over you instead of waiting until you resume your business operations. That’s just how the corporate world works. Therefore, to ensure your business never sleeps and you’re always connected with your customers and partners, it makes sense to install equipment that can help you keep your business up and running securely without any interruption. This is why we recommend you to look at our power and rack equipment range. By installing these products, you can easily handle and overcome problems like cable blockage and power outage that can lead to business discontinuity.

IT Products for Printers & Copiers

Though organisations worldwide have become paperless, but there are some tasks that need to be performed on paper like signing of business contracts and keeping records of agreements and partnerships.
Also, sometimes you need to circulate important business information across departments which require creating hardcopies in bulk. This is when you need printers and copiers.

Investing in high quality printers and copiers makes sense. These IT products are a great investment as you would want important business contracts and documents to be printed properly, neatly and clearly. Smudged ink and poor quality printing can create problems with readability. And that is definitely something you don’t want especially when entering into big investment deals with partners. Browse through our wide range of printers and copiers to see what we have in store.

IT Products for Security

Businesses today are exposed to serious risk, on-site and over the web. Therefore, it is important to invest in the best IT products to ensure maximum security of your facility and IT infrastructure. Failure to protect your facility or business over the web can pose your business to great security threats.

According to studies, there have been several cases where hackers have stolen business data and manipulated it to their advantage. In most cases, the leading cause was poor security measures.

Many organisations fail to realise the damage hackers and malicious programs can do to their business. They can exploit your data, sell it to your competitors, misuse it and even delete it from your system bringing your business to a standstill.

To avoid being in such kind of situations, consider installing the best security measures. At IT Solution, we provide businesses with both onsite and IT security products. Take a look at our range to see how these IT products can help you protect your business.

IT Products for Server

To boost server performance, consider investing in a server operating system. Also known as server OS, these operating systems are exclusively designed to run computer servers smoothly and seamlessly. They serve as the basis for running other applications and programs on the server.

If you’ve already invested in a server and now looking for the best server operating system to boost your operational performance, then you have come to the right place.

We at IT Solution, offer the best IT products for servers. We have two of the most popular server operating systems in the world, Windows Server and Linux Server. View them both to see which one best suits your business requirements.

IT Products for Software

In order to stay ahead of the competition, make sure that you invest in the best IT products for software. Using the most advanced software programs can help you perform tasks faster and more efficiently and this helps increase business productivity and performance.

Whether you’re a design company or product manufacturer, we have the best software suites for you. From Adobe to MS Office and telecommunication software programs, we offer you all of it under one roof. These are some the leading software programs that large industry giants use to carry and perform their business operations brilliantly. You might want to use them too. By using these software programs, you can drive your operational efficiency and manage your inventory better. Browse through our products to explore how they can help you take your business to newer heights.