Printers—What Are They?

A printer can be best described as a device that is used for printing text from the computer onto a paper. The device accepts text & graphics output from the PC and then transfers that information onto standard-sized paper. Printers come in different sizes and speeds. Therefore, their cost also varies.

Different Types of Printers

Though there are several types of printers in the market, the most common and widely used printers in offices and homes are the following:

Dot Matrix

The Dot Matrix printer uses striking-pins against the ink ribbon to smoothly print the illustrations and characters in the appropriate shape. Dot Matrix printers are expensive and are used to print multi page forms like carbon copies. And this is something that both ink-jet and laser printers can’t do.

Laser Printer

This printer uses a powerful laser beam to create an image. The laser printer is also known as a non-impact printer as the keys of this printer do not strike the paper. The laser beam simply draws the document for printing on a drum that is selenium coated using electrical-charges. Once the drum is charged, it is then rolled into the toner which is a dry powdery type of ink. This ink adheres to the image on the drum and is fused smoothly to the paper with the help of pressure and heat.

Ink Jet

Unlike the Dot Matrix printer, the Ink Jet printer works by spraying the ink that is in ionized form on the sheet of paper. The magnetised plates in the path of the ink help direct the ink on the paper in the desired shape. These printers have the capability to produce high-quality prints with 600 dots/inch resolution.


Factors to Keep in Consideration When Buying a Printer

Some of the factors that you must keep in mind when buying a printer are:

  • Printer’s speed and capacity
  • Resolution or print quality
  • Ink
  • Paper handling
  • Warm up time

Whether you’re a start-up or an SME, it makes sense to invest in a high quality printer for ongoing business purposes. Investing in a printer for business purposes will enable you and your team to easily and cost effectively get valuable documents and information printed on paper, and simultaneously save on hardcopies of business data, client information and more.

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