Partner with IT Solution and be a reliable Amazon Web Services or AWS channel reseller in Singapore. With our affiliation program, you can resell AWS services to various commercial industries, as well as public customers. Not only that, but you can also deliver offerings to Managed Service Providers, Value-added Resellers, Marketing Agencies, and System Integrators.

We have affordable rates for you, to make sure you get the best value from your money. You will get three main benefits when you avail our program. These are Value-added, Program, and Reseller Benefits. We will break this down further by listing down these advantages. For one, Amazon is the dominating marketplace for both goods and services. This means you have the assurance that your business will grow when you affiliate it with the Amazon brand.

Value-added Benefits

We identify the main benefits of our program in the following ways:

  • Amazon greatly adds the value of your customer experience through end-to-end program offerings
  • Based in Singapore, a nation with a very progressive technology
  • Improve your reseller profile even if you are just venturing anew
  • AWS has a built-in cloud-based solution which you can easily situate and design according to your preference
  • Comes with versatile applications to fluidly adapt to any situation, resolving issues that may arise from the vendor’s side
  • Lets you manage billing concerns by utilizing a model that follows industry standards
  • Comes with supplementary consulting or professional services which adds value to the program
  • Comes with varying packages for monthly usage (applies to cloud services)
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Program Benefits

When you choose IT Solution as a partner for your Singapore AWS Channel Reseller Program, you will automatically get an Access Point Name. This lets you use AWS to its maximum potential. Other benefits include:

Business Support

  • Get a legitimate right to resell AWS through a License
  • Easy admission to AWS Technology Partner Ecosystem
  • Companies can create, manage, and update customer accounts
  • Assistance in management and business planning

Marketing Support

  • Comes with an Exclusive AWS Channel Reseller Logo
  • Partners can freely join at AWS events
  • Marketing content support
  • Being part of the AWS Partner Directory

Additional Tools

  • Have necessary training for the program
  • Architect Support only exclusive to partners
  • Comes with a Partner Enablement Toolkit
  • AWS Channel Reseller Training Webinars (even for further updates)
  • Cloud computing and analytics applications, as well as storage services

With AWS, you can operate as a professional reseller for any company worldwide. You can contribute to their IT departments by managing core functions like archiving, warehousing, data processing, and incorporating mobile applications, among others.

Reselling Benefits

Being part of the Singapore AWS Channel Reseller Program nets you plenty of benefits. While some of these fall into increasing your value and improving your brand, there are other benefits that mainly elevates your reseller potential. You can also utilize the program for your own benefit if you do not have plans of reselling it for now.

Main Advantages for Customers

  • Accessible anywhere and anytime, extending your potential and usage to inconceivable heights
  • Faster deployment of applications and systems
  • Flexible and adaptive infrastructure for convenience purposes
  • Less overhead and subscription costs
  • AWS streamlines IT infrastructure frameworks which enables you to focus on other projects

Crucial Advantages for Resellers

  • Get full access to AWS resources, scripts, and networks as the program let you do so without modifications
  • Ensure AWS Channel Reseller concessions and discounts to guarantee income
  • Flexible financing options with genuine RI’s
  • Simpler invoicing and billing system, as well as paperwork management
  • Versatile payment terms, including credit card or local currency
  • Complete reporting capabilities allow you to resell AWS in a more professional manner

Program Prerequisites

If you are interested in becoming an APS consulting partner, you should learn about the requirement details for getting an AWS Channel Reseller license before you apply. The table given below will show you what you will need:

AWS Billings$1,000/month in AWS Revenue (direct/indirect)
AWS SupportBusiness Level (or higher) AWS Support
Customer Engagements≥ 2 AWS Customer References (nonpublic or public)
APN Partner Accreditations≥ 2 AWS Technical Professional Accreditations*
≥ 2 AWS Business Professional Accreditations*
AWS Certified Staff≥ 2 AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Level

Get the Singapore AWS Channel Reseller Program today and change the way you do business forever!