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One of the topmost concerns when it comes to both of your premises and IT landscape is the security of your business. And you must not take it for granted as it is very crucial. Imagine if you invest only in the protection of your IT landscape but not in the security of your business premises. And what if your business premises get attacked and infiltrated? And along the process, your servers, business computers, and other expensive IT products get damaged or stolen? Think about the financial and data loss you’ll have to incur after that scenario? And in addition to that, the time it will take for you to set your business on the path to recovery and start its operations again?


Get Advanced IT Products for Your Business Needs to Ensure Enterprise-level Security

Let’s discuss another scenario. Imagine if you install excellent security measures across your enterprise but nothing to protect your organization-sensitive data over the web? This can expose your business data to serious security risks, such as destructive computer viruses, malicious software programs, and hackers.

Thus, it is extremely important to ensure that both—your business premises and IT landscape—are well-protected against all kinds of security threats. Using the right combination of security tools really matter in order to ensure maximum protection of your business. But this will require you a lot of time to research on what IT products to invest in. Finding products that are designed for the security of your office and IT landscape can be difficult, but not if you shop with us.

We, at IT Solutions Singapore, are your one-stop provider for all your business and IT security needs. Whether you’re looking for security devices to keep the bad guys away from entering your premises or products to keep your digital space secure from hackers, we offer all kinds of products on our website.

With straightforward assistance, you don’t have to go anywhere else. Simply browse through our selection and pick the security products that you need to keep your business secure.

CCTV Systems

One of the best ways to keep thieves, and robbers at bay and your premises secure is the installation of CCTV systems in and around your office building. Closed Circuit Televisions are installed for security and surveillance purposes.

Once installed, you can easily zoom in and track any mysterious person within or outside your office premises and take action immediately. With these systems, you can stop break-ins, prevent thefts from taking place and even oversee hazardous locations.

When buying CCTV systems, it is important that you are well aware of the different types and styles of systems available so that you can choose the best one that meets your security needs. Browse through different types of CCTV systems so that you can select the right system for the security of your business.

Door Access Systems

For maximum security of your computer rooms and the server room, consider installing door access systems. These are basically IP based door systems with are ingeniously integrated with IP surveillance camera systems, extending unmatched office security.

The door access system is perfect to keep out unauthorised people. It simplifies facility management and ensures that your office is protected against all sorts of malicious activities. With these systems installed and when continuously monitored, you can rest assured that no unwanted and suspicious person can break-in and access your computers, or personnel records, or do any damage to your office.

Some door access systems also offer remote site capabilities. This helps in facility security management especially during the holidays. You can also monitor your premises even when you’re far away.

Anti-Virus Software


Work on your desktop computer or laptop without any fear. Install a powerful antivirus today. Antivirus, as the name suggests, are powerful software programs that provide superior level of protection to users against computer based and web related threats.

Efficient and powerful antivirus programs like AVG, Avast, Norton, and McAfee provide excellent protection against viruses and keeps hackers at bay. By installing an antivirus, you can surf the internet freely, and download files with ease without worrying about viruses from infecting your system.

An antivirus can help you initiate system scans automatically, remove malicious programs from your system before they do any damage, notify you of their presence in your system, and more.



To ensure maximum security of your IT landscape, we would highly recommend you to install Firewall. This software offers advanced network security, protecting computer systems from potential IT related threats like viral infections, data theft and hacking.

Once you install Firewall software and hardware in your office, you can then enjoy a plethora of security benefits. Firewall helps keep your PC safe from the unwanted bombardment of popup messages when you visit different websites. These popup messages are viruses and malicious software like spyware most of the time, which can do a great deal of damage to your PC. Other benefits include protection of the system from getting attacked through open ports, and getting infected by viruses like Trojan.

Getting Firewall installed in your IT landscape is crucial to operate efficiently over the web without any risk.

Virtual Private Network VPN

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN, also known as Virtual Private Network, is a smart and the latest network technology. This technology is developed to help users create a highly-secure network connection over the web. With this technology integrated in your business architecture, you can rest assured that users located remotely are securely connected with your network.
The Virtual Private Network also allows users to both connect as well as use multiple websites over long distances. Simply stated, this technology enables you to establish a strong and secure network connection, allowing your team to stay well-connected.

To ensure data traffic security, several types of VPN protocols are used such as IP security, SSL and PPTP.

If you have any questions, queries or need quality guidance on IT product purchase, feel free to contact us. Our team of friendly consultants will help you navigate through different options available. We will also provide you with the best advice so that you can make an informed purchase decision.