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IT Solution System

IT Solution Systems Pte Ltd was founded in 2013, specializing in providing a diverse range of IT systems and network infrastructure management,
solutions and maintenance that meets a variety of customers’ needs.

Over the years, IT Solution Systems has expanded its scope of business. We have experts in IT Solution Systems that assist to meet the IT needs
of any business. Our server management team provides exceptional level of flexibility and responsive support to our customers, ensuring that systems
are always up and running.

We believed that maximizing the utilization of technology has enormous potential benefits. Therefore, we are here to help. We emphasize
continuous improvement as we pursue quality in every aspect of our business.


Our Services

We are an one-stop IT service provider for your office IT needs including system implementation, maintenance/support services, LAN/WAN, security, server consolidation, wireless, storage, backup & archiving and infrastructure services in Singapore. Our experienced team have been providing Infrastructure maintenance and support services to our local accounting firm in Singapore since 2013. We pride in the longevity of our client relationships and all geared towards running your application system and infrastructure cost-effectively.

Information technology has really revolutionized the world in which we live. Be it booking tickets for the next matinee show or be it booking tickets to the next flight on London, Information Technology or IT in abbreviation, has made our lives much easier than ever before. Before this technology came into the scene, we had to wait a lot for every of these actions and thus, IT has really paved its way in the hearts of people. However, the end result which seems to be so rosy, is not very easy to achieve and it needs a lot of hard work coupled with the requisite IT infrastructure services in Singapore in order to make the things happen. Let us throw some light on the infrastructure part of this exciting industry.

IT infrastructure refers to all the software part, to all the hardware part, to all the network resources part and all that part which makes the IT company stand on its own and work not only for mere existence but also for the betterment of the company as well as for that of society. Without proper infrastructure, it would be near impossible for any IT company to deliver any kind of IT solutions to its customers. Let us have a look at what we at itsolutions.com have in the name of IT infrastructure and how we plan to build upon these things.

Network & Security

Networking & security solutions play a critical role in protecting sensitive data and information from threats. Our solutions compromise of an eco-system that allows organizations to have a peace of mind knowing that their investments and risks are well taken care of.

  • Routers and Switching
  • Wireless & VOIP
  • Unified Threat Management
  • Data Leakage Prevention
  • Email & Virus Protection

Storage & DR

Storage efficiency is our main focus to address and drive lower IT expenses and operations for our clients. We provide strategic consultation for our clients, ensuring that this is obtained with the adopted technology and expertise.

  • Storage Consolidation
  • Data Protection
  • Disaster Recovery Solution
  • Replication Solution

System Servers

System solutions are the foundation of a company. A roadmap for stability and scalability is generally the key component of every system. Our consulting approach towards system solutions are based on lower TCO design for our clients.

  • Server Consolidation
  • Microsoft Solution
  • Backup Solution
  • Server & Server Integration
  • Virtualization Solution

Managed Services

IT management for our client focuses on the strategic path to build information system infrastructure for business growth and retention. Our creditable services provide expertise in the areas you only need, in order to save costs, retention and management.

  • Helpdesk Outsourcing
  • Server Infrastructure
  • Relocation Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Disaster Recovery Solution

Smart Home Solution

The advanced technology is like the magical wand of a witch. A witch does things with just a switch while technology enables us to do things with a simple touch, from our work to our home.

  • Motion Sensor
  • CCTV
  • Smart Plug
  • Smart Door Lock
  • Lighting control
  • Home Theatre

Modern Data Center Setup

A data center is a facility that is used by companies and organisations to store the computer systems and its associate components, which are for example telecommunications and storage systems.

Building a modern center is not just about building anymore, but it is about being savvy to achieve the best results overall.

Automated Server Room Setup & Maintenance

For a new company or business that isn’t sure how to setup and maintain a fully functioning server room, IT Solution is here to assist. We will handle the task of setting up the automated server room and continue to assist in managing the room either on-site or via remote access.

An automated server room is very convenient and suitable for most companies and businesses – especially SME’s – a company’s staff no longer needs to manually monitor the server rooms minute by minute any longer, saving valuable time and resources.

Hybrid IT Infrastructure Services

With our lives becoming increasingly connected to the internet, more and more people started to adopt digital strategies in their business plan. Among others, advanced technologies in IT solution make up one important part of the digital strategies. Hybrid IT, one of the recent breakthroughs in IT solution, is a technique in which an enterprise uses both in-house and cloud based services to complete their entire pool of IT resources.

IT Cost Reduction

Among the reasons why technology proves to be among the costlier areas for businesses is because technology is constantly changing, which means upgrades need to be made. For a business to continue thriving, it needs IT cost reduction measures to help achieve a balance. Cutting costs is one of the most difficult moves because of the many priorities involved which need to be considered.

For enquiries/ordering, kindly email to: info@itsolution.com.sg