Asset Management Software in Singapore

Asset Management Software in Singapore

When companies expand, they buy several IT assets such as printers, PCs, servers, routers, notebooks, mobile devices, and tablets among others. They need to also purchase stacks of software and applications. Asset Management Software is a Software As A Service (SaaS), a solutions that help you track hardware and software history, license status, and ownership.

Such asset acquisitions are frequently done in an unorganized manner as and when new workers are hired, when equipment has to replaced, a problem requires instant resolution, or when upgrades are needed.

The rising success and the euphoria associated with new growth channelize a company forward as it continues to purchase more IT assets in a random fashion. However, eventually, it lands up managing a diverse set of IT assets with no model, day-to-day model, or a short-term model. There is a possibility of asset management becoming more labor-intensive with an increasing number of hours getting assigned to asset maintenance, replacement, compliance, and maintenance. Here are some of the top reasons why a business should opt for the Asset Management Software.

1. Maintaining More Comprehensive Asset Records

Maintaining more comprehensive asset records

You can add customizable choices and user-defined fields while deploying Asset Management Software. Such a step will make sure that your business is well-equipped for capturing all the essential asset data.

2. Update/Access in a Single Database in Real-time

Update and Access IT Asset Records in a Single Database in Real-time

You need not create and update messy and numerous spreadsheets to keep track of your IT assets when you implement an asset management solution for your company.

3. On Time Filing of Reports

On Time Filing of Reports

Asset Management Software can instantly run reports, which meet the requirements of your auditors. Such software is equipped with a robust reporting feature. It means there is no need to manipulate data in the spreadsheet for generating reports for the auditors any longer.

4. Report Preparation Takes Less Time

Report Preparation Takes Less Time

The software can download the relevant information or access assets very easily as it features user-friendly and simple reporting tools. Software that enables you to generate a customized report can save time as well as ensure that your data management activities are a cakewalk.

5. Change Requests Are Easy to Manage

Change Requests Are Easy to Manage

Asset Management Software Solutions that enable your business to devise an approval process for providing a comprehensive history and managing asset change requests can be extremely valuable during the audits.

6. Automatic Asset Depreciation Calculations

Automatic Asset Depreciation Calculations

Asset Management Software can generate compliant accounting reports in a hassle-free manner. By leveraging such a solution coupled with accounting functionality, a business can depreciate IT assets properly and help in avoiding a qualified comment on its next audit.

When managing assets is becoming a real challenge for your business, you may take the help of Asset Management Software to keep your house in order.

IT Solution offers sophisticated yet user-friendly Asset Management Software solutions so that your business can easily track software and hardware history, engage in IT asset management, and track ownership and license status. A single CMDB (Configuration Management Database) acts as an intelligent repository for your entire software and hardware assets and also enables your business to view and track the links between problem, incidents, and all these IT assets.

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