New Office IT Setup in Singapore

Whether you are establishing, renovating, or relocating your office, you need to organize all of your assets (both tangible and intangible) systematically. Of course, this includes setting up your IT infrastructure properly. Realistically, this process involves meticulous planning and laborious execution.

Here’s the thing: When everything’s new, you want to start fresh immediately, right?
Well, instead of dealing with too much prep work, why not hire IT experts who could lend you a hand? By doing so, you could just focus on other things, especially in terms of managing your business.

Our team at IT Solution are specialists when it comes to new office IT setup. We will be guiding you on every step, from conceptualization to implementation phase. Consult us with your plans, your current resources, your set date, and your future goals. Leave the burden to us, while still having 100% control of the results. Expect us to deliver great results without hassle nor delay.

Here are our New Office IT Setup Services:

  • Server Setup, Installation, and Configuration
  • Installation of Office Network with Internet Access
  • Office Desktop, Laptop and Tablet Setup with Configuration
  • Printers and Copiers Setup with Configuration
New Office IT Setup Services:


  • Server Setup and Configuration
  • Desktop, Laptop and Tablet Setup with Configuration
  • Printers and Copiers Setup with Configuration
  • Setup of Office Network with Internet Access


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Competitive Team of IT Professionals

We are confident to say that our team of IT experts are the best in Singapore. Our core advantages revolve around three things: Qualifications, Experience, and Consistency. These individuals have mastered the fundamentals of IT infrastructure, and they continue to harness their skills through experience and further learning. Moreover, they do not only excel in the technical field. In fact, they are also effective communicators who can comprehend and analyze meticulous and complex details. These qualities enable them to solve issues and plan impressive blueprints relative to your office setup.

What to Expect from Us?

Delivering results that exceed expectations is our main goal at IT Solution. We want to put user experience to the next level by following your specifications and providing reliable solutions for your needs. Also, we extend our hands for assistance in case you need further technical help. After all, our objective is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Here is a basic rundown of our New Office IT Setup procedures:

  • Addressing your concerns, needs, specifications, and other details regarding your new office
  • Analyzing methods that are potentially feasible to apply based on your available resources
  • Brainstorming and conducting research
  • Recommending effective solutions
  • Upon approval of plans, implementation and scheduling will be the next step
  • Evaluation of implemented action/s

Documentation and Resolution of Issues

We will be realistic in saying that no office setup is perfect, no matter how intricately detailed the procedures may be. However, expect an almost perfect setup for your office once you worked with us. We can take care of the minor flaws that may arise during the entire process.

In addition, we always keep reports and records of any undertaking we have conducted for our clients. This guarantees transparency and immediacy in case of unforeseen or fortuitous circumstances during the setup.

Continuous Support

Your new office may be ready to roll, but the future is quite uncertain. This is the reason why at IT Solution, we offer you further support to ascertain your success. Our doors are wide open if you need supplementary aid for your IT infrastructure. We highly suggest you to partner with a company that is service-oriented and future-proof. As the top IT provider in Singapore, we are here for you.