ERP Solution in Singapore

The Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP Solution is a cohesive method of letting industries integrate numerous software into their business. By consolidating several applications, companies can streamline their operations more effectively. In addition, ERP enables businesses to automate back office functions which save resources and time.

Some departmental facets which an ERP Solution improve include:

  • product planning
  • purchasing
  • development
  • manufacturing
  • customer service
  • human resource
  • sales and marketing
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Benefits of ERP Solution

Each ERP module focuses on a single area or department. However, you can adapt it seamlessly to your business by employing a specific solution per department. Upon incorporating an efficient ERP Solution to your company’s IT infrastructure, you will reap the following advantages:

  • Make business operations and processes simpler
  • Connects core departments of the company in a more resourceful manner
  • Lets you accomplish complex tasks speedily and accurately
  • ERP’s functional flexibility allows companies to upgrade their technical capabilities
  • ERP has a fully customizable approach, which means you can mold such a system to fit your current or future needs
  • Increases your company’s competency and value in the long run

What ERP Solutions Do We Provide?

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

As a leading provider in Customer Relationship Management, Microsoft offers the best in ERP – through Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The tech giant has a huge influence on IT, which denotes that companies can integrate into the system with ease. If you are accustomed or if you have used Microsoft applications, then you can navigate through Dynamics CRM due to its familiarity. Its user-friendly interface enables companies to solidify customer relationships and attract potential leads.

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SAP Software Solution

SAP Software applies a more business-oriented approach in terms of ERP Solutions. Its modules include Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Sales, Inventory, Design, and so forth. Integrating into a full SAP system will let you operate compactly, thanks to its flexibility that covers pretty much all departments an organization would have. This prevents you from performing superfluous and time-consuming tasks like switching from one server to another.