Singapore Website Security Maintenance Services for WordPress

Have you ever attempted to manage your own WordPress website? It may sound like an easy task, but it is far from it because managing your WordPress website is a task that can consume far too many valuable hours and a lot of your company’s precious energy, time which could be spent instead focusing on how to generate more profit for your business. Which is why website maintenance solutions are the answer to your problem.

Singapore website maintenance services will cater to your every business need when it comes to managing and maintaining your WordPress platform. As part of the service, website maintenance, data backup, regular updates and even security measures are just some of the services which you can come to expect as part of the website maintenance services package.

S$140 / Semi-Annually

S$240 / Annually

Making Full Use of Uptime Monitor

As part of your Singapore WordPress maintenance services package, a dedicated team will be assigned to help keep a close watch on your website. Receive instant notifications the minute your website goes down so you can take the necessary pre-emptive action to get it back and running online again before anyone can even notice.

With the Uptime Monitor option, no more will you have to worry about what is happening with your website even after hours, because with instant alerts, you will have peace of mind knowing that you will be the first to know if anything happens to your website. This gives you a chance to fix the problem before it has chance to cause an issue for your business. Knowing the status of your website (whether it is running perfectly or experiencing downtime) is a crucial part of operating your business, because when your website is out of action, you are losing precious revenue and traffic. With a dedicated team on standby, you will never have to worry about this happening to you again.

Backing It Up

Every 30 days, backing up your website is a task which needs to be done because it helps protect your website and ensure that you are constantly protected. In the event of a website crash, having a backup is what will save your business so it is important that your backups are always up to date to avoid problems.

With Singapore WordPress website maintenance services, your backup options include on-demand backups, download backup to your own device, cloning tool, migration tool, several options of backup frequencies and more.

Feeling Like a Change?

A website that is always up to date and fresh looking is one that has the potential to attract the most visitors. As part of your Singapore WordPress website maintenance service, install, update or change a team quickly and easily. All you would need to do is to install and active one theme of your choice selected from the WordPress catalogue, and then update and install any number of themes. Using the WordPress Dashboard, quickly and easily update those themes to the current live release with minimal hassle.

Using the WordPress catalogue, you will be able to install and active 1 plugin of your choice. Once completed, you will be able to update any number of installed plugin(s) using the WordPress Dashboard and update them to the current live release quickly and easily. You will also be able to remove unwanted plugins that you no longer require.

Be Vigilant with Your Website Performance

Malware attacks are one of the worst things that could happen to your website. Depending on the severity of the attack, malware could leave your website offline for months and if you don’t have any notification alerts, you could go for weeks or even months without noticing the problem.

Running a website, you need to be constantly vigilant, always taking proactive measures to regularly check-up on your website. Or you could use the Security Check option which comes with your Singapore WordPress website maintenance services package. Save yourself the time and the hassle of manually checking your website, because Security Check makes it easy for you to detect when files have been infected or your website corrupted. With just one simple click, you can quickly and easily run a scan of your website and detect valuable security information. You will also receive an overview of all your past security scan. Stay alert, stay vigilant and always place website security at the top of your priority list when it comes to website performance.

S$140 / Semi-Annually

S$240 / Annually