Automated Server Room Setup and Maintenance in Singapore


Technology has enabled companies to perform more efficiently and optimally. This is the reason why companies have IT departments in the first place. They are in charge of maintaining hardware and software which the company utilizes for its operations. There is a central location where you can find big computers that are capable of streamlining the handling of the entire company data. We call this the server room.

Setting up a server room is more than just allotting space for your computers and installing hardware. It involves strategic planning, design, organizing, implementation, and maintenance. You want to make sure that your server room has the best amenities and security possible. After all, your company’s performance lies in this very room, especially you heavily rely on technology.

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IT Solution has the team to guide and assist you in preparing your server room. We will also guarantee that your room does not miss a beat in terms of executing tasks that meet your company standards. In other words, choosing us would be a great investment to consistently keep your company progressing.

By implementing an automated server room setup, you can manage your room in ways that a traditional server room does not allow. For instance, you can access your server room anytime, anywhere. Whether you are inside or outside the premises, you can relatively monitor your server’s status with ease. Such convenience would enable you to operate in a more flexible, cost-effective manner. This is because you would not be hiring that much employees to watch over your server 24/7.

Factors to Consider Upon Having an Automated Server Room Setup

Here are variables you can consider when building your optimal server room:

1. Availability of space: Does it accommodate all your computers? Does it have free space for monitoring purposes? Do you have plans of expanding the space in case your company grows?
2. Electrical system: Where will you put all the wires that connect your computers? Can you ensure the safety of your employees by setting up the electrical wiring properly?
3. Cooling system: How many cooling devices do you need to regulate your server room’s temperature? Is it possible to set up a cooling device with a wide coverage?
4. Equipment you put in the room: How many sets of computers do you really need? Is the equipment feasible to set up within your current space?

Maintaining a Breathable Space for Accessibility

Every automated server room must have adequate space for all of your computers and other devices. This makes sure that you meet your company needs, monitor your room easily, and avoid inconveniences when navigating.

Your space planning will depend on:

  • the height of your ceiling
  • number of computers you will put into the room
  • the positioning of computers, electrical wiring, cooling equipment, and other devices
  • allotting enough space for pathways
  • the distance of a computer from another
  • future goals of the company

Ideally, you need a ceiling with at least nine feet tall in height. Also, you must make sure that your workers can pass through easily to prevent potential hazards that may occur to them or to your servers. Lastly, you need to have foresight on your company’s future goals. Updating a server room is not cheap, but inevitably a necessity. Just set your plans accordingly and think twice whether each update will serve your company long-term.

Cooling and Electrical System

Servers generate a lot of heat very fast – therefore, you must keep them cool to avoid the risks of malfunctioning and even accidents. Set up a server room in a cool, dark space to prolong its viability to perform optimally. This means you need to install cooling equipment like air conditioners and fan speeds. Also, choose a room without windows or with the least proximity to direct sunlight.

A proper automated server room has racks with seismic bracing for protection. Due to the mechanized nature of hard disks, they are highly susceptible to vibration. Even a single earthquake can damage your precious hardware if they do not have braces to keep them in place.

Monitoring a server room can be demanding, due to its stringent requirements. Doing this manually on a daily basis will not guarantee consistency. This is where the automated server room trumps the traditional model. We at IT Solution can set up your server room with smoke, water, fire, and humidity monitors that function automatically. In addition, we can set up a back-up power source for your data in case of an emergency. Instances like electrical surge and power failure can happen, and you do not want these to transpire on your most hectic days.

A fully-functioning automated server room is more advantageous to your company than a traditional model ever would. Make sure your company adapts to technology’s growing demands. Contact us if you are planning to set up an optimal server room for your business.