Automated Server Room Setup and Maintenance

Automated Server Room Setup and Maintenance

The lifeline of every company is the server room. Why? Because every company relies on computers to get through the daily job requirements, and these computers rely on a fully functioning server room to run smoothly on a day to day basis.

A server room is quite simply described as a specific room that has been devoted to the continuous operation of the computer servers within that office or building. Preparing a server room is not merely selecting an empty room, and deciding to chuck all the computer equipment in there and you’re done. Oh no. It is much more than that.

Preparing a server room involves a lot of attention to detail prior to the set-up process. Advance preparation is an absolute must in this situation to make sure that everything is in order before proceeding to ensure no unforeseen problems come up later.

Automated Server Room Setup & Maintainance

For a new company or business that isn’t sure how to setup and maintain a fully functioning server room, IT Solution is here to assist. We will handle the task of setting up the automated server room and continue to assist in managing the room either on-site or via remote access.

An automated server room is very convenient and suitable for most companies and businesses – especially SME’s – a company’s staff no longer needs to manually monitor the server rooms minute by minute any longer, saving valuable time and resources.

What to Consider When Building a Server Room

The setting up of the automated server room focuses on four key aspects:

1. The available space being used
2. The electrical system that is going to be put in place
3. The cooling system that will be running in the room
4. The kind of equipment that is going to be placed in the room

These four pillars are going to serve as the primary guideline in the set-up process, the foundation on which the automated server room is going to be built upon.

The Available Space Being Used

The first and most obvious criteria in this step is that the room should be big enough to accommodate all the IT needs needed by the company or business in question. Server rooms in general are kept dark because the room should be kept cool always. So, an automated server room should be one that has no windows.

The ceiling of the server room should also ideally be about nine feet tall, because the servers are tall and they generate a lot of heat. Having a space for that heat to circulate above is important to help keep the servers cool. Because they generate a lot of heat, that’s exactly why the server room needs to be air-conditioned and kept cool and dark all the time.

The Equipment, Cooling System & Electrical System

All racks being used in the server rooms must be grounded with the proper seismic bracing, because most hard disks are mechanized. Having proper braces in place securing the racks holding these hard drives will help avoid vibration, which can cause damage to the hard drives.

Cooling equipment with variable fan speeds also need to be available in the server rooms because servers can get hot fast, and they need to be kept cool to keep running at optimum capacity.

The automated server room should also contain fire, smoke, water and humidity monitors to keep an eye on the equipment. The server room should also contain a back-up power source in the case of a power or electrical surge to ensure data is always backed up.

Why Maintaining a Server Room Is Necessary

Properly maintained server rooms will be more cost effective in the long term. A properly maintained server room also ensures the peak operation of an IT network.