What is Windows Server?

Windows Server is basically a group of server operating systems, which is created and released by Microsoft. This series of Windows Server is more powerful and user-friendly as compared to other operating systems offered by its contemporaries. The Windows Server series is developed & designed to efficiently handle and manage various server-oriented functions and operations. Some of them are corporate networking, databases, intranet and internet hosting, enterprise-scale messaging, authorization and security and more.

Software from Windows Server series are:

  • Windows Server 2000
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows HPC Server 2008
  • Windows Server 8
  • Windows Server 2016
Windows Server

Some of the many benefits you may experience and enjoy when you integrate Windows Server in your IT business landscape are:

  • It’s much faster to install, configure, and start as it is user-friendly
  • Setup is easy and self-explanatory—users are guided through the setup checklist where they are provided with all the explanation they need to get started and create a setup smoothly & seamlessly
  • Server security is excellent as compared to Linux
  • Updating the system is quite easy
  • Has low resource consumption
  • Requires less management—it’s very easy to manage as the dashboard is straightforward and there is nothing technical about it.

Why You Should Integrate Windows Server 2016 in Your Existing IT Business Landscape?

If you’re still wondering why should you install Windows Server 2016 in your existing IT landscape; then continue reading below:

It Has a Built-in and Unmatched Security

Multiple security layers for protection are built into the system, which offers reduced risk with enhanced security. It also helps prevent the risk that comes with compromised administrative credentials.

It Offers an Excellent Way to Evolve and Scale Your Data Center

Windows Server 2016 offers users the ability to create a highly secure, flexible, and cost-efficient data center. This is with the help of software that is designed to compute, network virtualization, and storage. Windows Server gives you the opportunity to enjoy resilient compute. You can easily lower your data center footprints with a highly-automated and virtualized SOS (Server-Operating-System).

Its Networking is Inspired by Cloud

Enjoy the benefits of cloud technology by installing Windows Server 2016. It allows you to dynamically segment business networks, based on your workload needs.

In other words, Windows Server 2016 is a cloud-ready OS that supports current workloads while enabling you to introduce new technologies. Thus, making it super easy for businesses to transition and switch to cloud computing. The powerful layers of security, coupled with Azure inspired innovative features, lowers security threats and helps your business compete efficiently with an edge over the competition.

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