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Why Your Company Needs A Website

Reasons For Running CDN With Your WordPress Site
Maximizing Content Delivery: There Are Benefits in Running CDN with Your Website Running CDN (Content Delivery Network) on your website is an actual necessity, with billions of Internet users surfing the net. For instance, when you visit a website, it loads content from its server. Normally, when servers render the pages, ... Read More
October 29, 2018IT Solution Singapore
Domain Verification and Why You Should Not Ignore
The Importance of Checking Your Domain Verification Email Regularly Domain Verification is an essential step to ensure that the domain you added is valid and not expired. The user who added the domain has the necessary privileges to access DNS and decide about the email service for the domain. It is ... Read More
January 23, 2018IT Solution Singapore
The importance of having a dedicated IP address
Why You Need to Establish Your Website with a Dedicated IP Address IP stands for Internet Protocol, which functions as a unique address assigned to each computer that is connected to a certain network. It is a unique series of numbers that identify individual computers that access the Internet. Using a ... Read More
January 18, 2018IT Solution Singapore
Simple Ways to Secure Your WordPress Website
Here Are Methods to Keep Your WordPress Website Secure from Malicious Attacks One of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) available for websites and blogs is WordPress. However, despite its popularity, there are numerous weaknesses which makes it open to exploitation to hackers and scammers. Fortunately, there are several steps ... Read More
December 28, 2017IT Solution Singapore
Develop Intriguing Web Content
How to Write Engaging and Effective Web Content: The Basics Creating relevant web content may not be as easy as it sounds and requires plenty of brainstorming as this will have a serious impact on what your customers make of you. Apart from that, it will also determine how your company ... Read More
October 25, 2017IT Solution Singapore
Responsive Design: Why You Need a Mobile-Friendly Website
Here Are Reasons Why You Need to Have a Mobile Friendly Website (If You Aren’t Already) Mobile phones are everywhere you look. When is the last time you remember not seeing a person glued to their mobile phone or tablet screens? None? That’s because just about everyone these days owns at ... Read More
October 24, 2017IT Solution Singapore
VPS Hosting
Adapting to Change: Why is VPS Hosting the Next Big Thing in Technology Nowadays? As a business owner, you might be well aware of cloud technology. Having said that, you will also do well to adopt VPS Hosting or VPS as part of your operations. Called Virtual Private Hosting, they fit ... Read More
Differentiating Between HTTP and HTTPS
Identifying Key Differences Between HTTP and HTTPS: Which is Better Among the Two? We often see HTTP and HTTPS into our address bars in web browsers but often do not know what they stand for or what role they play. These abbreviations, in fact, represent important internet protocols that function for ... Read More
April 21, 2016IT Solution Singapore
Website Development
Web Development is Truly Relevant for Businesses, Regardless of Size and Field To stay ahead of their competitors, companies need to work very hard and smartly. This applies especially in managing their official websites, as it is the front desk of their companies on the internet. Web development and maintenance should ... Read More
February 22, 2016IT Solution Singapore
What is Google Business View?
Knowing the Fundamentals of Google Business View for Your Organization's Progress Google Business View is basically a tool that allows users to provide website visitors with a 360° virtual tour and an interactive experience that can allow them to connect with businesses in an engaging way. The tool allows users to ... Read More
January 6, 2016IT Solution Singapore