Managed Digital Marketing Services

Managed Digital Marketing Services in Singapore

The change and evolution of modern technologies have led the evolution of business marketing. Many small and medium businesses are beefing up their marketing efforts with digital marketing strategies to keep up and be competitive in the online marketplace.

Managed Digital Marketing Services

What Is Digital Marketing and Why Is It Important Nowadays?

So how much do you understand about digital marketing? As the name implies, digital marketing is all about using online avenues or channels to execute the marketing strategies. To be precise, digital marketing is an umbrella term used to describe a group of marketing methods we used to promote and drive sales on the web.

Digital marketing surpasses the traditional marketing channels because it leverages the modern technologies and the convenience of online marketplaces, enabling businesses to engage with targeted customers in real time. In addition, customers’ engagements with one’s brand or business will increase due to the connectivity and real-time services.

Trackable Results

Digital marketing allows you to measure your online marketing with web analytics and other online metric tools. You will be able to evaluate your marketing strategy with the detailed information about how customers use your website or respond to your advertising.


The beauty of digital marketing is the web analytics allows you to understand your customer profile and greet them with targeted offers. You can even build customer loyalty and create a good brand reputation.

Global Reach

A website means you stand better and higher chances to find new markets and do business globally.


A well-planned digital marketing campaign can target and reach the right customers at an affordable cost than traditional marketing methods will cost you.

Or Award

Best Digital Marketing Consultant in Singapore

Best Digital Marketing Consultant in Singapore

IT Solution Singapore, who is the leading managed digital service provider, has been selected as the Best Digital Marketing Consultant in Singapore for 2018/2019 by Singapore Brand. As an award-winning Digital Marketing Consultant in Singapore, their professional team takes a huge load off your shoulders and gives you a chance to breathe while focusing on your business goal.

IT Solution Singapore specialises in digital marketing strategic planning with the expertise in SEO. Despite the popularity of social media, search engine ranking is a relevant strategy for any business with an online presence, i.e. website. The more traffic your website has, the more leads and conversion in business. A good SEO plan is like a well-rounded campaign that can take your humble website from virtual obscurity to first page ranking.

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a) You need the right strategies

Managed Digital Marketing Services
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO helps to increase your online brand presence business and achieves a higher search engine ranking for your website the on-page and off-page optimization techniques. On-page SEO optimizes your site’s code, structure, and content while off-page SEO builds organic links and researching keywords that are relevant to your niche.

Managed Digital Marketing Services
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM involves tasks that help search engines such as Google to find and rank a website. It is the strategy that you can apply to make sure your website ranks high in search engine results when someone searches for information.

Managed Digital Marketing Services
Website Development

A custom website with a well thought of UI/UX design will increase user engagement and build online presence effectively.

Managed Digital Marketing Services
Website Maintenance

Your website will be nothing more than a static brochure that will not stand out from the crowd without consistent and regular website management and website maintenance.

Managed Digital Marketing Services
Blog Writing

Blog writing is part of content marketing in the digital landscape. It is a strategic marketing approach by creating relevant and consistent content to reach the target customers and drive profitable customer action.

Managed Digital Marketing Services
Media Writing & Posting

It is a form of digital marketing strategy that leverages the influence of social media by creating and sharing content on social media networks.

Managed Digital Marketing Services
Online Reputation Management

Your business’s online reputation is how others see your business when they look for you online. It means taking control of the online conversation and ensures people find the right resources when they look for your business online.

Managed Digital Marketing Services
Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing primarily covers activities involving social sharing of content, videos, and images for marketing purposes.

b) You need the right people

Having the right people on board is the crucial factor that determines whether your digital marketing strategy will be a boon or bane to your business. Getting help from a professional digital marketing firm is the smart decision because you will have a team of digital marketing experts to help you handling all the digital marketing campaigns.

How Can IT Solution Help?

As a digital marketing agency in Singapore, we have a group of IT experts and digital marketing specialists that can help you to plan a customised digital marketing strategy that suits your business, monitor the performance, as well as execute the digital marketing campaigns. IT Solution, the best Singapore digital marketing agency.

Here is some case study we done and help our Clients to reduce their digital marketing cost and improve the conversion rate.

Limited Media Exposure

Before engaging our one stop managed digital marketing services, our client has difficulty in building their branding in digital space. With IT Solution, today, our client is mentioned by many reputable media online, included The Straits Time, Todayonline,, Singapore Business Review, Channel News Asia and many more.

Managed Digital Marketing Services
Save 90% of the Digital Marketing Cost

We manage to help our client to reduce the google adwords cost from $10,000 to $1,000 per month and yet double up their web site traffic. With IT Solution, our client get more conversion yet the advertising cost is much lower today.

Easy Content Copywriting
Save 50% Of The SEO Cost

We manage to help our client to save 50% of their SEO cost yet double up their web site conversion rate.

Easy Content Copywriting
Easy Content Copywriting

We manage to help our client to save 50% of their Content Copywriting cost yet produce more SEO friendly articles and drive more traffic to their business.

IT Solution is Mentioned By

With IT Solution Digital Agency Singapore, you can pay just starting from $500 per month to get a wholesome Managed Digital Marketing Services package that includes the assistance from a dedicated IT Account Manager and expertise from our professional team. The package can be customised to include the following services:

  1. SEO
  2. SEM
  3. Website development
  4. Website maintenance
  1. Blog writing / Content marketing
  2. Media writing and posting
  3. Online Reputation Management
  4. Design Services

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