Managed Digital Marketing Services

Managed Digital Marketing Services in Singapore

Modern technology is much closer to us than ever before. We are practically glued to our devices than were are living in the real world. Such a phenomenon is happening across the globe. For businesses to capture this market, they must go online for their marketing and promotions. Thus, giving rise to the world of digital marketing.

Managed Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing & Its Importance

Marketing is connecting with a target audience at the right time and place. Digital marketing is connecting to an audience via online avenues. As almost everyone now uses the internet one way or another, digital marketing plays a vital role for businesses to cater to everyone. Among the importance of digital marketing are:

Trackable Results

The outcome of marketing is usually the results, whether positive or otherwise. With digital marketing, it is easier to keep track and have a record on the methods used as well as the figures involved with web analytics and other online metric tools.


Digital marketing is customisable according to target audience demographics and personas. Such methods can have a better lead conversion as the offers will create the need audiences may not realise they need it in the first place.

Global Reach

Digitalisation is globalisation. With that, digital marketing breaks barriers into other continents that would be impossible with traditional marketing methods. Hence, worldwide audiences can be reached when companies used digital marketing as their preferred marketing strategies.


Digital marketing makes use of the internet a lot. Internet is free for all to use; hence, the cost involved in utilising digital marketing will be a fraction compared to traditional marketing. Its effectiveness is proven better as most consumers are going online for information as well as purchases.

Or Award

Best Digital Marketing Consultant in Singapore

Best Digital Marketing Consultant in Singapore

IT Solution is proud to be recognised by Singapore Brand as the Best Digital Marketing Consultant in Singapore for 2018/2019. The internet today is saturated with a plethora of products and services, often promoted in the consumer’s face. Though this is how marketing captures audience attention, it is a big turn off. By using digital marketing, brands and businesses can make the difference. IT Solution has had many successes with clients when it comes to utilising digital marketing approach. One case worth mentioning is that we spent only 10% of a client’s allocated budget while successfully achieve their marketing goals. Our approach: smarter marketing automation doubled traffic to the client’s website. Hence, we are the best digital marketing consultant in Singapore, worth your investment and success.

View: Your Online Marketing with this Best Digital Marketing Consultant in Singapore

a) The Right Strategies

Managed Digital Marketing Services
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

A persuasive three-letter that helps increase your online brand or company presence and achieve better search engine ranking for your company website. On-page SEO means the quality of your website. This SEO optimises your website’s code, structure and content. Off-page SEO means activities that happen outside your website. This SEO builds organic links and researching keywords relevant to your unique offering. Successful on-page SEO will lead to excellent off-page SEO. People will want to link or mention a good quality website with remarkable contents.

Managed Digital Marketing Services
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

It looks and sounds similar to SEO, but SEM is a method used to place websites at the top of the search engine results page. This is a strategy if you want your website to be the first to appear when users search via the search engine such as Google.

Managed Digital Marketing Services
Website Development

Not only as an online business presence, but a website with a well-thought user interface or user experience design will also increase user engagement. The user interface or user experience is closely related to how well a website places relevant content that will lead to conversions. It is also a subtle way of enhancing user experience with the site.

Managed Digital Marketing Services
Website Maintenance

Once a website is built, it needs constant upgrades and improvements. Having a website comes with website maintenance to ensure brand consistency with all of the company’s product or services offerings.

Managed Digital Marketing Services
Blog Writing

As part of marketing, blog writing is a strategic approach to provide necessary information to the audience. The audience looking for information will be attracted to contents written in blogs, thus, leading to customer action.

Managed Digital Marketing Services
Media Writing & Posting

Media writing is creating and sharing content through social media. It is one of the effective branch of digital marketing that uses the influence of social media.

Managed Digital Marketing Services
Online Reputation Management

Online reputation is crucial if not more important now than ever. As people take their comments online more often, it is best to hire professionals to control and engage in conversations with users. It also ensures people get to the right resources when they look for your business online.

Managed Digital Marketing Services
Social Media Marketing

It is primarily a marketing avenue with activities involving sharing of contents, videos and images of company products and services on the social media platforms.

b) The Right People

Now that you have the strategies in place, do you hire anyone to execute it? Our advice: Get professional help. At IT Solution, we have helpful IT experts and digital marketing specialists. They are ever ready to help you customise digital marketing strategies, execute digital marketing campaigns as well as monitor the performance. The following are more client case studies that we have successfully helped:

How Can IT Solution Help?

Case Study:

Limited Media Exposure

Before engaging with IT Solution, our client was having difficulty in building their online brand presence. Once they enlisted our services, our client now has better online exposure with reputable online media mentions. These media mentions include The Straits Time, Todayonline,, Singapore Business Review, Channel News Asia and many more.

Managed Digital Marketing Services
Save 90% of the Digital Marketing Cost

A client came to us with an allocated budget for digital marketing. The concern goals were to get more conversion for every cent. We helped our client reduce Google Adwords cost from $10,000 to $1,000 per month yet doubled traffic to their website. Outcome: Low advertising cost with high conversion.

Easy Content Copywriting
Save 50% Of The SEO Cost

We helped our client save up to 50% of their SEO cost while increasing their website conversion rate.

Easy Content Copywriting
Easy Content Copywriting

Our client was concern about less traffic heading to their website. Our approach: produce more SEO-friendly articles and save 50% of their content copywriting cost. The outcome: SEO-friendly articles drives more traffic to their business.

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From as low as $500 per month, you can get a complete Managed Digital Marketing Services package. It also comes with a dedicated IT Account Manager and expertise from our professional team. The package can be customised to include the following services:

  1. SEO
  2. SEM
  3. Website development
  4. Website maintenance
  1. Blog writing / Content marketing
  2. Media writing and posting
  3. Online Reputation Management
  4. Design Services

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