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Unlike what some people would like to believe, the cloud is not a specific application but a general application for accessing software, development platforms, and IT infrastructure. Accounting tools or storage appliances in the cloud perform similar tasks as their on-premise alternatives. Their behavior is only different in terms of the way in which they are being managed, updated, and billed behind the scenes. Help Desk Software is a Software As A Service (SaaS), solutions that give you a dashboard to quickly identify issues that require immediate attention.

What is a Help Desk Software?

A service desk or a Helpdesk is regarded as a single point of contact that offers centralized support management and information for handling the external or internal queries of a company. A Help Desk Software enables organizations to handle customer complaints efficiently, effectively and within a reduced time period by automating the process of complaint resolution with ticket management. There are different types of Help Desk Software. For instance, web helpdesk refers to a help desk hosted in the cloud wherein businesses can rent the solution by paying a subscription fee. The solution is simpler to scale up and saves cost.

Help Desk Software

There was a time when a Help Desk Software was tied to a single location As such; the software was unable to communicate intuitively. This left several customers, businesses, and users scratching their heads. However, the cloud-based software has drastically altered the way businesses can use their customer service management and help desk ticket solutions.

A cloud-based Help Desk Software can be an excellent choice for a business that does not want to opt for self-hosting. When the help desk is transformed into an online service, the IT division of a company can do away with some of the hurdles, which often come before executing the key tasks of a helpdesk like speedy ticket resolution, hosting, patching, infrastructure maintenance, and helping end users. All these activities are handled by the company’s cloud service provider.

Why choose IT Solution for your cloud-based Help Desk Software?

It is an era when incidents related to breach of privacy and data security are increasing at an alarming rate. IT Solution is thoroughly committed in the Asia Pacific region for data security by featuring powerful servers, which are physically situated in the Asia Pacific region but helping to host cloud-based Help Desk Software along with data centers and customer service suite for various locations. The cloud computing technology introduces useful features such as data back-up and redundancy so that our clients can enjoy disaster recovery and greater peace of mind.

The hosting architecture of IT Solution adheres to the most stringent compliance and regulatory requirements for businesses into insurance, finance, and healthcare, high-security minded and large government organizations that want to migrate to the cloud and are looking for a different geographical location to store their data.

IT Solution also ensures that the customer data is available in a close proximity to the place where the same is being utilized. The feature helps in ensuring extremely high responsiveness of applications. Plus, the security of data in the cloud also goes up. Finally, clients get the benefit of accessing and downloading data in a secure way at any time without any kind of restriction.

Help Desk Software
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