Red Packet Ang Bao Design

Red Packet / Ang Bao Design

As part of our one-stop solution for businesses, we provide Red Packet / Ang Bao (红包) design for occasions such as Chinese New Year, Weddings and Birth of a Baby. Designing the red packet according to your corporate identity helps to add value to your branding position and benefit your business. Through the distribution of red packet for customers, it can increase brand recognition and aid in customer loyalty.

Whether you are looking for a brand new red packet idea, concept or editing and modification of the existing design, our team will be glad to assist you. Our designs are custom made and exquisitely catered to your requirements.

IT Solution Red Packet Design Services
IT Solution Red Packet Design Services

1. Tell Us About Your Business
Tell us about your business! Share with us your requirements, the styles or any samples of your desired design. We will customize the design according to your needs!

2. The Designing Stage
Our designers will proceed to design your red packet. We pay close attention to detail and have an intuitive understanding of clients’ individual needs. The designs will be sent to you via email. You may review and let us know if you would like to request for a revision.

3. Finalizing The Design
The desired design will be finalized and there you go, a set of professional and high quality one-of-a-kind red packet design!

Let us know your requirements by filling up our contact us form today!

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