Telephony System: A New Technology Growing in Popularity

Telephony System and Its AdvantagesYou can now say goodbye to fixed telephone services — they are pretty much outdated nowadays. The internet has made way for a new type of communication infrastructure known as the telephony system.


What is the Telephony System?

Long-distance calls are now easier and cheaper than ever. Thanks to this new system of internet telephony. Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTNs) services are now being phased out in favour of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems.

VoIP offers an easy to use alternative to the traditional phone systems. VoIP calls travel over the internet instead of fixed cables operated by telephone companies. A private branch exchange (IP PBX) connects the VoIP via LAN to a service provider. Several encoding schemes, combined with compression technology, are used to reduce the voice packets size during transmission. That’s how information goes through efficiently and very easily.

Call anyone, anywhere in the world at any time with VoIP. Connect with people safely and securely both inside and outside your company. VoIP can run over your existing LAN or WAN. However, some upgrades might be needed to ensure the quality of the call.


The Perks of the Telephony System

For businesses with regular VoIP users in multiple locations or teleworkers, this system is an advanced, innovative way to deliver the solutions you need. VoIP is the technology and IP telephony is the service. The advantages of the telephony system include:

  • The price. Calls can be made at a significantly cheaper price
  • The ability to scale should you ever need to expand your business
  • Information is delivered quickly, securely and efficiently
  • Options to connect through multisite data networks
  • The system is easy to use and easy to learn
  • It bridges the gap between employees and staff across several locations and vast distances
  • Range of available features that include web conferencing


Telephony Options

Telephony System and Its AdvantagesUniversal communication has never been easier. Especially with options available to suit your various business needs:

  • Cloud PBX – It’s a telephony system in the cloud. Connections are hosted online and run independently from telecom operators. Users in your organisation can be registered in the cloud. To ensure the quality of the call, the connection to Cloud PBX must be of the highest standard. Fast, reliable and secure VPN connection adds an extra layer of security and peace of mind. Cloud PBX is the future of telephony and improvements are still being made along the way to make the service even better. It’s easy to install and you get to choose a local number of your own. You even get to choose an international number too. Benefit from lower costs, less maintenance, and more scalability with Cloud PBX.
  • Data Roaming – Pay as you go and benefit from some of the lowest call rates with the right data roaming package. There’s bound to be a plan that will meet every need, no matter what you may require. It is a cost-effective way to still have your data and voice roaming needs to be met, even while you’re on the go. Business productivity does not have to be compromised when staying connected is this easy. The added benefit of an eSIM means you no longer have to deal with the hassle of switching SIMS back and forth. Travel and stay connected the easy way.
  • IDD Calling Service – With quality that is crystal clear, you won’t even notice that the person you’re talking to is not in the same country. Whether you use a fixed landline or a mobile sim, you still enjoy the benefit of the lowest roaming rates around. The IDD calling services make it easy for businesses to stay connected across continents without breaking their budget. There’s no need to change your current phone number to make these calls either. You could even make calls through your existing PBX system and rest assured quality will never be compromised. Even better, with an available app, it’s easy to just download and start making phone calls.
  • Livecall – Your customers and website visitors want an easy, hassle-free way of contacting you. That’s now easy to do with the Livecall service. Yes, it’s easy to now make calls directly from the website. There’s no need for a phone, simply call as you browse with the click of a mouse. Your customers and prospects get to contact you for free from their browser, no matter where in the world they are. Businesses in every industry can benefit from this, especially the ones that rely heavily on excellent customer service. Bridge the gap between business and customer and make your customers happier than ever. Include a Livecall function to your overall telephony system.


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