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The move from http to https


The Move From HTTP to HTTPS From July 2018 onward, all sites that do not use the HTTPS encryption will automatically be flagged by Google's Chrome browser. According to reports, ... Read More
June 25, 2018Qin
icann new domain whois verification


ICANN's New Domain WHOIS Verification - The Policy and Procedures The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ ICANN”), is an international non-profit corporation that plays one important role in the internet governance ecosystem, from the ... Read More
malware attack


Confidential Information Possibly Compromised in Malware Attack A malware infection has reportedly hit an outsourced Australian-based vendor in Singapore, possibly compromising confidential information of applicants for public-service jobs. According to reports, those involved were users of the Careers@Gov online portal, where ... Read More
Come September, Google Chrome Will No Longer Have the Secure Indicator


Come September, Google Chrome Will No Longer Have the Secure Indicator Up until now, secure websites on Google Chrome showed the HTTPS indicator in the address bar along with other visual ... Read More
digicert completes its acquisition of symantec


DigiCert Completes its Acquisition of Symantec Leading cyber security company, Symantec recently announced that it has sold it's public key infrastructure (PKI) technologies and website security to DigiCert, a leading provider of scalable security solutions. ... Read More
How GDPR Will Affect Your Domain Name?


How GDPR Will Affect Your Domain Name? GDPR will likely affect access to WHOIS data For many of us, we are not familiar with the term GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). GDPR is basically a European ... Read More
HTTPS: A Game Changer of Your SEO Strategy


HTTPS: A Game Changer of Your SEO Strategy The Secure Hypertext transfer protocol (HTTPS) was created to do similar tasks as HTTP with the ... Read More
four universities in singapore hacked


Four Universities in Singapore Hacked An Iranian hacking syndicate has allegedly attacked four universities in Singapore and pilfered more than 31 terabytes of academic data and intellectual property from varsities all over the world. According ... Read More
April 13, 2018IT Solution Singapore
managed services checklist



Managed Services Checklist

Managed Services Checklist One of the most important items to consider when running a business is the business’s IT infrastructure. Chances are many companies are outsourcing their IT services. If you are ... Read More
what is vpn connection



What Is VPN Connection

What Is VPN Connection Virtual Private Networks, better known by their abbreviation VPN Singapore, is the network which is responsible for allowing you to create a secure connection source to another network over ... Read More
what is routine maintenance of server


What is Routine Maintenance of Server? What is server solution? In a simpler way of explanation, servers are the backbones of your company. You can serve your ... Read More
What Is a Firewall and How Does It Work?


What Is a Firewall and How Does It Work? The term firewall is common enough. You’ve probably heard it mentioned several times before. However, unless you’re in the IT line or heavily invested in technology, there’s still more to understand how the workings of firewall and what it actually ... Read More
March 28, 2018IT Solution Singapore