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SSL Security
Identifying and Determining Which SSL Certificates Are Ideal for Your Needs Most businesses have gone online to ensure their payment portals are secure. Still, consumers will always have concerns about security breaches. Faulty security has lead ... Read More
March 14, 2019IT Solution Singapore
Importance of Choosing A Reputable SSL Certificate Brand
Pick The Most Reputable SSL Certificate Brand Among The Competition Having an SSL Certificate has become an imperative measure in ensuring website security. Further, it ... Read More
October 29, 2018IT Solution Singapore
Reasons Your Site Needs an HTTPS with SSL Certificates
HTTPS with SSL Certificates Are Becoming the Norm HTTPS, or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, is a common term that you usually see on your browser when ... Read More
October 20, 2018IT Solution Singapore
Why Should You Renew Your SSL Certificate Before It Expires
Why is it Necessary to Renew Your SSL Certificate Before the Expiration Period SSL certificate binds the domain name, server name and the host. These ... Read More
September 6, 2018IT Solution Singapore
DaaS Deskstop vs VDI as a Service
Comparing DaaS Desktop as a Service vs Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) is a type of virtual desktop which has been set up to be hosted in the cloud. ... Read More
September 4, 2018IT Solution Singapore
A Cyberwar Is Coming, Are You Ready?
Cyberwar is Imminent: Do You Have the Adequate Protection Against it? No doubt you would have heard about the recent data breach to affect SingHealth, which affected 1.5million of its ... Read More
August 27, 2018IT Solution Singapore
The Importance of Cybersecurity to SMEs in Singapore
How Indispensable is Cybersecurity to SMEs in Singapore: Planning Ahead for Your Business It cannot be stressed enough how important cybersecurity protection is. For SMEs, it is essential ... Read More
August 27, 2018IT Solution Singapore
Compliance Mess as Google Delays Ad Standard for EU Privacy Law
Delays Ruining Push by Members to Comply with the New EU Privacy Law Google is leaving some firms open to fines by ... Read More
August 27, 2018IT Solution Singapore
SMEs Most at Risk of Data Breach
Expert Says Singapore SMEs Are Vulnerable to Potential Malicious Entry and Data Breach Recently, SingHealth’s IT system was hit by one of the biggest security breaches in the ... Read More
August 27, 2018IT Solution Singapore
Printing Errors Lead to Data Breach
Simple Printing Errors Lead to Data Breach: Too Unconventional, Yet Possible Did you know that careless handling in printing would lead to a data breach? Often, we heard of data breaches due to ... Read More