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Fake Google Chrome Font Pack Update
New Hacker Gimmick: The Release of Fake Google Chrome Font Pack Can Affect You Google Chrome users have been cautioned to be on the alert for scammers and hackers prompting them to download a fake Google Chrome font pack update just to trick them into installing malware on their systems. This scam ... Read More
Domain ID Protect
Why Is ID Protect Necessary When Getting a New Domain for Your Website? In the US, there are approximately 9 million identity theft cases almost every year along with 3,000 spam emails sent to people who hate them. The thing is that spammers and hackers can get access to your private ... Read More
Your Company Holds Valuable Information to Hackers
The Vulnerability of Information to Hackers: How Truly Safe Do You Think You Are? Cyber threats are borderless. According to research conducted by Trend Micro, Singapore receives about 550 cyber threats every day. Some companies might think that they are safe from cyber threat. However, anyone can be the hacker’s target. ... Read More
October 26, 2016IT Solution Singapore
Hacked Information Cyber Breach
The US Web Giant Yahoo Becomes a Victim of the Largest Cyber Breach Ever—Your Company Could Be Next Businesses across industries are continuously struggling to strengthen their foothold and increase their market share in the virtual world. To rule the digital arena, competition is not the only threat to online business ... Read More
September 30, 2016IT Solution Singapore
Bitcoin Security
The US $72 Million worth Bitcoin Units Stolen from Bitfinex in Hong Kong Raises Questions on Bitcoin Exchange Bitcoin, the internet-based cryptocurrency, has become one of the popular currencies to trade and invest in among investors. It is also the currency to make purchases over the web among businesses and customers ... Read More
August 29, 2016IT Solution Singapore
Cyber Security
Government Agencies in Singapore Are Cutting Internet Access for Cyber-Security Concerns The statement was from David Koh, CEO of Cyber Security Agency of Singapore, in his address to the media that took place on June 10. He addressed the statement as a response to citizen concerns as to disallowing internet surfing ... Read More
Defend Against Ransomware – A New Malware Attack That Can Affect Your Business There is a new term in the online world, the Ransomware! People are aware of different online threats such as viruses, worms and Trojans, but this new threat of ransomware comes straight from the grounds of terrorism. Let ... Read More
Network Security
How to Strengthen Your Network Security: Here Are Tips to Help You Today, the wireless network becomes a really crucial asset in modern offices. It expands a business’ network operations and increases the employees’ productivity. Besides, a wireless LAN (WLAN) gives a more convenient and affordable option than a wired network ... Read More
Tips to Safeguard your Domain Account
Safeguard Your Domain Account in the Best Possible Way: Here's a Guide for You It appears like ordinary we find out about another site being captured or assaulted to get client data or to be utilized as an impermanent web server to have illicit documents. So it is critical to ensure ... Read More
Cyber Security
Cyber Security 101: Adapting to the Advancements of Modern Technology Rapid technological developments have given tons of opportunities for exploration and become potential sources of efficiency for businesses. However, these technologies have also come with threats such as cyber crime, cyber terror, and cyberwar. The increasing number of digital applications and ... Read More
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