HTTPS: A Game Changer of Your SEO Strategy

HTTPS SEO Strategy: Is it Really Feasible to Get SSL Certificates Or Just a Costly Add-on?

HTTPS: A Game Changer of Your SEO StrategyThe Secure Hypertext transfer protocol (HTTPS) was created to do similar tasks as HTTP with the additional layer of protection – it leverages Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, to create an encrypted channel to allow authorization and completely secured transactions. Here is how HTTPS adds a protective layer to your website:

  • Verification – It verifies that the website is the one the server intended to be talking to,
  • Ring-fencing strategy – It stops Man-in-the-middle attacks, making your site more secure for visitors because it prevents tampering by third parties.
  • Strong encryption – HTTPS encrypts all communication, including URLs, which protects sensitive information like browsing history and credit card numbers.


However, What Does HTTPS Mean for SEO?

HTTPS is not just a little green padlock in the top corner of your web browser, but it means a comprehensive online marketing strategy.

1. The Ranking Signal on Google

Many marketers know that Google prefers secured, reliable, and certified websites – secured online environment/websites reassure users with their added level of security and encryption. Data transported using HTTPS is secured via Transport Layer Security protocol (TLS), which provides three key layers of protection:

  • Encryption – data is kept secured with strong encryption.
  • Data Integrity – it prevents data alteration during transmission.
  • Authentication – it assures your users that they are communicating with the intended website.


The issuer of the certificate is crucial when the website passes through the process of obtaining an SSL certificate – the issuer will become a trusted third party. Google has added HTTPS status as a ranking factor in searches. With the massive impact that Google can have on a website’s organic traffic, nobody can afford to lose the ground as a competent and trusted site.

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2. The SEO Ranking Factor

  • Search Engine Boost
    Google prioritises security as a ranking factor in its search engine algorithm. Switching to HTTPS will not only ensure enhanced security of your website. It is also the ranking booster and one crucial part of the comprehensive SEO strategy.
  • Better Analytics
    Another advantage of HTTPS that is worth mentioning is that it preserves the domain of referral sources.
  • Maintenance of Current Rankings
    Some people think that switching from HTTP to HTTPS will result in a drop in rankings. It is because they believe owners have to start anew to establish link authority. However, the truth is there will be no loss in authority, as the search engine will fold the signals together.
  • More organic traffic
    It is no surprise that better rankings lead to more traffic. In addition to this, the sign of a secure site serves as the trust signal, which will, in turn, improve your site’s click-through-rate and conversion rate.

HTTPS SEO Strategy: Is it Really Feasible to Get SSL Certificates Or Just a Costly Add-on?



The HTTPS protocol is adding a healthy dose of credibility in your visitor’s eyes, making you a trusted website with enhanced security and privacy protection. Moreover, the trust signal is the benchmark of online shopping security and public perception of a brand – it avoids the “Not secure” label instead of showing a green padlock in the browser address bar. In effect, this will vouch for your website credibility and boost your conversion rate and sales.

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