InstantSSL Pro OV SSL Certificate

S$159.00 S$298.00

• 1 Domain
• Organization Validation
• Company Name in SSL
• USD100,000 Warranty by Sectigo
• Security Level 3 Lock Security
• Trust Level 3 Lock Security
• Authentication Level 2 Key Security
*Price does not include installation



Secure Your Website With InstantSSL Pro OV SSL Certificate

If you’re looking for a reliable SSL certificate to secure your website, look no further than InstantSSL Pro OV SSL Certificate. This certificate offers organization validation and can be used for one domain, giving you the confidence to conduct online transactions and protect sensitive information. With the company name included in the SSL, visitors can trust that they are communicating with a legitimate entity.

In addition to its robust security features, the InstantSSL Pro OV SSL Certificate comes with a USD100,000 warranty by Sectigo. This ensures that your website is protected against any damages resulting from security breaches or improper validation.

The SSL certificate offers security level 3 lock and trust level 3 lock, which indicates that it offers the highest level of security and trust for your website. The authentication level 2 key security ensures that only authorized individuals can access your website.

As a leading provider of Sectigo SSL Certificates, IT Solution Pte Ltd can assist you with the purchase process, including the validation process. We offer 24/7 support to ensure that your SSL certificate is installed correctly and working properly.

At IT Solution Pte Ltd, we understand the importance of SSL certificate expiration reminders. That’s why we keep track of your SSL certificate expiration date and remind you 60 days before it expires. With our help, you can ensure that your website remains secure at all times.

In summary, if you want to secure your website and protect your customers’ information, Buy SSL Certificates from IT Solution Singapore. With the InstantSSL Pro OV SSL Certificate, you can enjoy organization validation, USD100,000 warranty by Sectigo, and top-notch security features. Contact us today to learn more about our SSL certificates and how we can help you secure your website.

Additional information

Security Level
3/4 Security Level
Trust Level
3/4 Trust Level
Authentication Level
2/3 Authentication Level
Validation Type

Organization Validation (OV)

Domains Secured +

Unlimited Sub-Domains


CSR Encryption


Encryption Strength

Up to 256 bit

Full Organization Authentication

Extended Validation

Green Bar Assessment

Warranty Coverage


Warranty by Insurer


Support for SAN (UC)

Support for IDN

Browser Compatibility

Over 99%

Browser Security Lock

Mobile Device Compatibility

Over 99%

Licensing Multiple Servers

Issuance Speed

2~7 days after all documentation is received

Validity Option

1 year

Refund Policy

7 days

Free Reissues

Free Customer Support