DigiCert Multi-Domain OV SSL Certificate

S$1,139.00 S$2,149.00

• 3 Domains Included
• 4-25 Domain Seats Supported
• Organization Validation
• Company Name in SSL
• USD1,000,000 Warranty by DigiCert
• Security Level 3 Lock Security
• Trust Level 3 Lock Security
• Authentication Level 2 Key Security
*Price does not include installation



Secure Multiple Domains with DigiCert Multi-Domain OV SSL Certificate

The DigiCert Multi-Domain OV SSL Certificate is a premium security solution designed for businesses that need to secure multiple domains. DigiCert SSL Certificates offer a range of benefits; with this certificate, you can secure up to 3 domains right out of the box and have the ability to support between 4 and 25 domain seats with additional configuration.

This SSL certificate provides Organization Validation, which ensures that your company is verified and trusted by visitors to your website. It also includes your company name in the SSL, providing an extra layer of validation and trust for your customers.

With a USD1,000,000 warranty by DigiCert, you can rest assured that your website is protected against any potential security breaches. The certificate offers a security level of 3 Lock Security, meaning that your website is protected by a high level of encryption, ensuring that your customers’ sensitive data is kept safe.

In terms of trust, the certificate offers a Trust Level of 3 Lock Security, which means that it has undergone rigorous validation to ensure that it meets industry standards and is trusted by major web browsers. Additionally, the certificate offers an Authentication Level of 2 Key Security, which ensures that your website’s identity is verified and that your customers can trust that they are on the correct website.

At IT Solution Singapore, we understand the importance of keeping your website secure. That’s why we offer a service that goes beyond just selling you an SSL certificate. We keep track of your certificate’s expiration date and send you a reminder 60 days before it expires, ensuring that you have plenty of time to renew your certificate and keep your website protected.

IT Solution Pte Ltd can assist you with your purchase process including the validation process. Overall, the DigiCert Multi-Domain OV SSL Certificate is a reliable and robust security solution that provides organization validation, domain protection, and multi-domain support, making it an excellent choice for businesses looking to secure their online presence.

If you’re looking to buy SSL Certificates, the DigiCert Multi-Domain OV SSL Certificate is a great option to consider. With its advanced security features, comprehensive validation, and excellent warranty, this SSL certificate can help protect your online business and build trust with your customers.

Additional information

Security Level
3/4 Security Level
Trust Level
3/4 Trust Level
Authentication Level
2/3 Authentication Level
Validation Type

Organization Validation (OV)

Domains Secured

Multiple Domains

Unlimited Sub-Domains


CSR Encryption

2048-bit, 3072-bit, 4096-bit

Encryption Strength

Up to 256 bit

Full Organization Authentication

Extended Validation

Green Bar Assessment

Warranty Coverage


Warranty by Insurer


Support for SAN (UC)

Up to 25

Support for IDN

Browser Compatibility

Over 99%

Browser Security Lock

Mobile Device Compatibility

Over 99%

Licensing Multiple Servers

Issuance Speed

2~7 days after all documentation is received

Validity Option

1 year

Refund Policy

7 days

Free Reissues

Free Customer Support