PositiveSSL Wildcard DV SSL Certificate

S$189.00 S$318.00

(5 customer reviews)

• Unlimited Sub-Domains
• Domain Validation
• Basic HTTPS
• USD10,000 Warranty by Sectigo
• Security Level 3 Lock Security
• Trust Level 2 Lock Security
• Authentication Level 1 Key Security
*Price does not include installation


Additional information

Security Level
3/4 Security Level
Trust Level
2/4 Trust Level
Authentication Level
1/3 Authentication Level
Validation Type

Domain Validation (DV)

Domains Secured

* +

Unlimited Sub-Domains


CSR Encryption


Encryption Strength

Up to 256 bit

Full Organization Authentication

Extended Validation

Green Bar Assessment

Warranty Coverage


Warranty by Insurer


Support for SAN (UC)

Support for IDN

Browser Compatibility

Over 99%

Browser Security Lock

Mobile Device Compatibility

Over 99%

Licensing Multiple Servers

Issuance Speed

Within a few minutes

Validity Option

1 year

Refund Policy

7 days

Free Reissues

Free Customer Support

5 reviews for PositiveSSL Wildcard DV SSL Certificate

  1. Ariel Chan

    It gives me the authority to secure one fully qualified domain and unlimited subdomains. It’s at such a reasonable price. It’s the go-to SSL if you are looking for security. Pretty fast issuance. No hassle. Easy to manage too. Good purchase for me.

  2. Benjamin Wong

    The product was easy to use, and I got certified within minutes after buying it. I got 256-bit encryption with an unlimited coverage for sub-domains at no additional cost. I will rate my experience with this product 99% satisfaction. I have recommended this brand and product to my friends in business.

  3. Joyce Foo

    This has strong security with unlimited sub-domains protection. Easy to install. It was great for my personal site, very easy to purchase because it is affordable. The issuance was fast within 10 to 15 minutes. IT Solution’s customer support is also fast to reply. Kudos to IT Solution and to this SSL, I am very happy and satisfied with this purchase.

  4. Rachel Poh

    This SSL really helped improve the security of my website. Secures unlimited number of subdomains associated with a single domain name. Handles all validation online, that means I don’t have to worry about paperwork. Comes with a refund policy, but so far I have no problems. It was great and a worth it purchase after all.

  5. Joshua Goh

    With price, this is really a good deal. It’s useful to users who look for good security. It promises 3 out of 4 levels of security. Authentication is low, but still adds reliability to my website, so still good for me. Overall, this is a good product. Pretty strong compared to others. I will renew if all continues to work well.

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