GeoTrust True BusinessID EV SSL Certificate

S$679.00 S$1,278.00

(5 customer reviews)

• 1 Domain
• Extended Validation
• Company Name in Browser
• USD1,500,000 Warranty by GeoTrust
• Security Level 2 Lock Security
• Trust Level 4 Lock Security
• Authentication Level 3 Key Security
*Price does not include installation


Additional information

Security Level
2/4 Security Level
Trust Level
4/4 Trust Level
Authentication Level
3/3 Authentication Level
Validation Type

Extended Validation (EV)

Domains Secured +

Unlimited Sub-Domains


CSR Encryption


Encryption Strength

Up to 256 bit

Full Organization Authentication

Extended Validation

Green Bar Assessment

Warranty Coverage


Warranty by Insurer


Support for SAN (UC)

Up to 24

Support for IDN

Browser Compatibility

Over 99%

Browser Security Lock

Mobile Device Compatibility

Over 99%

Licensing Multiple Servers

Issuance Speed

7 days after all documentation is received

Validity Option

1 year

Refund Policy

7 days

Free Reissues

Free Customer Support

5 reviews for GeoTrust True BusinessID EV SSL Certificate

  1. Nicole Chua

    It is cheap but still offers strong security. As a business owner, this is a very good deal to make. It’s cost-efficient and it is very easy to manage. I got the highest authentication level and it’s very advantageous for processing transactions with customers.

  2. Darren Ooi

    I got the GeoTrust True BusinessID EV SSL certificate from the recommendation of my friend. I got my company name in green in the browser. It helps catch in customers. It also helps me secure my transactions with them. I would not want to face the consequences of having their information stolen.

  3. Rachel Ng

    I am using the GeoTrust True Business ID EV SSL and it’s the perfect SSL for established businesses. I got this product from the recommendation of my business associate. And it was definitely a good decision to listen to him.

    I am getting the highest trust level with a very cheap price. It takes so long to process and issue the certificate. But it is understandable knowing that they want to really authenticate my organizational existence.

    I will rate this product 5 out 5 stars, and would recommend it to other business owners out there.

  4. Natalie Wang

    With the price I’m paying for this product, I can say that I am getting more than what I am expecting. I now have my company name in my browser along with the three-check dynamic seal. I have only used it for a few weeks now, and so far it’s pretty easy to manage. I hope this continues.

    It’s very compatible with any web browsers and systems. It also has a good warranty coverage at USD 1.5M. Although I am sure that this product will live up to its reputation, it’s also good to have that string back up just in case.

  5. Florence See

    It took me over 7 days to get certified. That’s a bit too long to wait for. I almost canceled my subscription, but I thought the cancellation is not worth the stress so I just waited anyway. Their customer support also took a bit too long to respond.

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