Improves the credibility of your website as only legally registered businesses or Singaporeans are qualified to register.


Owning a Singapore domain extension increases your chances to rank SEO keywords in the Singapore Google Search Result ( Minimise wasting your time and resources competing with others that are not your competitors in your region.


Ramp up the security of your website by securing your brand with a Singapore domain extension. Say goodbye to others taking your brand name!


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What is .INC for?

As the domain name implies, .inc is mostly used by incorporated companies. This draws your business apart from limited companies (Ltd) and as well as other companies in the game (.CO). Having the domain name .INC not only increase the trust of your customers but also puts you in the correct market of competitors.

Who is it ideally for?

This is ideal for businesses, companies, or corporations that have the goal of creating a professional image. No matter how big or how small your business is, having .inc as your domain name will give you that competitive edge due to

Why choose .INC?

.INC reduces the risk of cybersquatting immensely and it also proves the level of commitment your company has to its clients and business. Having .INC as your domain name is a significant investment in your company that will not disappoint.