Start Using Google G Suite for Better Security Prevents Email Spoofing and Phishing!

Google G Suite Solutions is a great tool for its collaboration and productivity apps for business which you can use Google Apps such as Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar and many more. It’s an intelligent, cloud-based productivity suite, an all-in-one package for your work station that teams can collaborate, iterate, and innovate together, from anywhere, in real-time which you can work seamlessly from your computer, phone or tablet.

G Suite reimagines how businesses work by powering teams to be faster, smarter, and more collaborative than ever before. Unlike legacy tools, G Suite is a cloud-native solution that delivers seamless, real-time collaboration, powerful search—since everything is stored in the cloud—and proactive security tools using the scale of signals that Google sees every day.

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Google announced on 6 October 2020:

Rebranding G Suite with a new name

Google Workspace

Teams Collaborate With G Suite

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Meeting Solutions With G Suite

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Question When Using G Suite

How many email aliases can I add with G Suite user at no extra cost?

You can add up to 30 email aliases for each user at no extra cost but unable to sign in with email alias. Only primary email address can sign in. Click here for more information.

How many email aliases as sender in a G Suite user at no extra cost?

You can add additional 4 email aliases as sender in your G Suite to send as the email aliases from your primary account.

What is Google G Suite Support Number in Singapore?

The Google G Suite support phone number in Singapore is 1800-415-5514 Toll free number. But you will need to have your 8 digit pin number with you which will only be active for 60 minutes in order to make the phone call to Google G Suite support in Singapore. The 8 digit pin number is provided when you click on help in your Google admin console account.

How to Check Google Storage Space for My Google Drive and Gmail?

If you are in your Gmail mailbox, click on "Gear icon" > click "Settings" > click tab "Accounts" > Scroll bottom to see the section called "Add additional storage". If you are in your Google Drive, it is located at bottom-left called "Storage".

Empowering global collaboration
with G Suite

To empower employees to collaborate with colleagues, clients, and partners worldwide while maintaining security, This company migrated 28,000 people to G Suite.

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This health company journey to the cloud included
migrating from four legacy email systems to G Suite
in 91 days.

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