Request Free Site Audit for SEO Analysis

Little do people know that a website audit is more than a routine, but allows webmasters (or owners) to understand the online performance of the functional areas and components of a website? Therefore, a website audit is a very important component of any business’s online campaign. Let’s run a free site audit for your website now!

What is a Website Audit?

As the name suggests, a website audit is an in-depth analysis of your website’s – everything including the level of search visibility. In other words, a comprehensive site audit will give you a clearer picture of your site’s performance, like web traffic, sales conversion and so on.

What about the Automated Audit Reports?

Yes, nowadays we can easily have many “automated” website SEO audit tools where we can do the site audit ourselves. A visit to any SEO or web developer websites, you will find yourself generating report with a few simple steps.

However, that report brings little (or worse, almost none) real value. In most cases, these are not robust or useful reports – but are usually meant to be lead-gen tools to cross-sell you more products or services.

Request Free Site Audit for SEO Analysis

Do I Need An Audit?

A good website audit works for your advantage:

  • It gives you overview of website’s performance – your website’s traffic ranking, bounce rates, and search percentages.
  • It helps you to tweak components that hinder your website’s current performance.
  • It helps you to create new online marketing strategies.
  • It helps to troubleshoot errors like broken websites links, HTML errors (errors to your HTML can present your pages incorrectly in web browsers); wrong outputs of a page can hinder the indexing of your website by search engines and so on.
  • It ensures that your website achieves the optimum ranking within search engines with the right links.
  • It maintains your website’s page titles (ensuring no duplication within your site).
  • It verifies that Meta descriptions are relevant and optimized.
  • It monitors the optimizing process of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Still Not Sure If Your Website Need One?

If you are still unsure whether your website needs a site audit, try to answer the questions below!

  • Does your URL structure help or do the otherwise?
  • What is the download time of your site?
  • How many back links do you have?
  • Are they (any of your back links) of low quality?
  • Are there any broken links on your website?

Your website needs an audit if you do not know the answer to these questions!

IT Solutions Singapore provides a detailed analysis of every item that is affecting your website – zones in on the functionalities of a website where forms, information, content, evaluation of ranking, and the quality of a website will be reviewed. Contact us today for a free site audit!

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