Archive: June, 2018

The move from http to https
HTTP to HTTPS: What Can We Expect from this Massive Google Update? From July 2018 onward, all sites that do not use the HTTPS encryption will automatically be flagged by Google's Chrome ... Read More
icann new domain whois verification
What Are the Policy and Procedures You Need to Know About ICANN's WHOIS Verification? The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ ICANN”), is an international non-profit corporation that plays one important role in the internet governance ecosystem. Moreover, ... Read More
malware attack
Another Incident of a Malware Attack Potentially Compromising Private Information A malware attack has reportedly hit an outsourced Australian-based vendor in Singapore. Consequently, it may have compromised confidential information of ... Read More
Come September, Google Chrome Will No Longer Have the Secure Indicator
Implications of Not Having the Secure Indicator for the Google Search Engine Up until now, secure websites on Google Chrome showed the ... Read More
digicert completes its acquisition of symantec
DigiCert Acquisition of Symantec: What Can We Expect in the Coming Years Leading cyber security company, Symantec recently announced that it has sold it's public key infrastructure (PKI) technologies and website security ... Read More
How GDPR Will Affect Your Domain Name?
GDPR Will Affect Your Domain Name Potentially Due to Accessing WHOIS Data For many of us, we are not familiar with the term GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). GDPR is ... Read More