A Cyberwar is Coming, Are You Ready?

Cyberwar is Imminent: Do You Have the Adequate Protection Against it?

A Cyberwar Is Coming, Are You Ready?

No doubt you would have heard about the recent data breach to affect SingHealth, which affected 1.5million of its patients, including the Prime Minister. This was the biggest security breach to ever hit Singapore and it should serve as a reminder for other companies about how important it is to stay protected at all times online.


What’s Your Cyber Security Protection Like?

Cybersecurity is the body of technologies, processes and practices which can protect your devices, programs, network and data from potential attack, damage or any malicious activities. Companies, no matter if you may be a small business or a big corporation, must protect their websites and as long as you are online, you are vulnerable to potential threats and attacks by hackers.

Why is cyber security so important? It is important because any organization – be it corporate, financial, government, military, medical – collects important data and stores unprecedented amounts of these data on various devices such as computers, tablets and more. Data which contains sensitive information especially should be protected and prevented from any unauthorized access which could result in negative consequences or worse, loss of this data entirely.

Cyberwar protection goes beyond just equipping yourself with the latest antivirus software. Moreover, it requires coordination of efforts across the entire information system and includes:

  • data security
  • application security
  • network security
  • database and infrastructure security
  • cloud security
  • identity management
  • disaster recovery
  • business continuity planning
  • mobile security

The level and intensity of cyber-attacks are constantly growing. After all, hackers are finding new ways to breach into a company’s database despite the security which is in place. This is exactly what happened with SingHealth. Which is why it is important for companies and organizations who carry sensitive data to constantly stay on top of the latest security and antivirus options. This ensures that they always have adequate protection to the best of their ability.

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Cyberwar is Imminent: Do You Have the Adequate Protection Against it?


Are You Ready for the Next Cyberwar?

It is very important to companies to have an excellent back-up solution for your data because once the data has been attacked, the damage may be irreversible and all your precious company data may never be retrieved again. It is better to get good firewall protection with constant updates. You might also need the latest and highest protection of antivirus software available.

Also, it’s just as important to train your staff on what to do should there be a security breach. The challenge which companies and organizations face is that security risks are ever-changing in nature. Thus, there is going to constantly be a need for upgrades and improvements.

When it comes to the security and the protection of your valuable company data, prevention is always better than cure. Especially in this instance where once a data is susceptible to hacking, the damage could be irreversible. Unfortunately, the consequences that you are dealing with could end up costing you more.

Should you need any assistance with your data protection and security, contact us today for more information.

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