Cyber Security For Businesses

Cyber Security For Businesses

Rapid technological developments have given tons of opportunities of exploration and become potential sources of efficiency for businesses. However, these technologies have also come with unprecedented threats such as cyber crime, cyber terror, and cyber war. The increasing number of digital applications and data networks has provided opportunities for such exploitation. Thus, business owners must pay special attention to protecting their data, programs, computers, and networks. The attempt to protect these confidential information and valuable assets of businesses is called cyber security.

Cyber Security

In different businesses, cyber security definition varies depending on how each of them translates their needs of digital protection in the cyberspace. In general, cyber security refers to data, programs, computers, and networks protection from unauthorized access, change, or destruction in cyberspace. Cyber security is a critical issue for all businesses, and in information technology-based businesses, cyber security is a great investment.

Why Is It Important for Businesses?

Businesses collect, process, and store a great number of confidential information on their computers and transmit the data to other computers across their networks. Without cyber security, your business must deal with the destruction or loss caused by a vast array of cyber attacks. These attacks can harm sensitive personal and business information, as well as national security.

Cyber Security Protection

The importance of cyber security is specially increasing considering that cyberspace is unregulated, and cyber crime is now getting simpler and cheaper to commit. Fortinet 2013 Cybercrime Report found that to make an effective botnet, one only need as little as $700 for execution. Botnet is a network of private computers infected with malware (malicious software) and controlled by an unauthorized person at a distance. Today, it is relatively easy to buy hacking software to establish botnet or to commit other forms of crime, complete with customer support.

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Cyber criminals are indiscriminate. They send attacks to businesses that have a weakness in the system and exploit it. Even, a strong technology company like Microsoft still becomes a target of an ever-growing list of known threats, viruses, and bugs. The list of the threats, viruses, and bugs is later published by Microsoft in its monthly bulletin.

Cyber Security Monitoring


Cyber security is surely a great investment for all businesses. A cyber security posture must be proportional to the cyber attacks faced by each business, and established based on the results of an attack assessment. Businesses must use a fully structured approach to attaining not only cyber security but also cyber resilience. Thus, it is suggested that businesses have the support of internal departments, especially IT. Or, they can engage with an IT support service.

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