How SiteLock Protects Businesses

How is SiteLock the Most Reliable Business Companion in Terms of Web Security

How SiteLock Protects BusinessesMalware or malicious software is used by hackers to hone in on weaknesses in your system’s defences or code. If they are able to do so successfully, your personal data will be at risk and your computer may even be hijacked! SiteLock can prevent that from happening since it is capable of performing high-quality scans on almost 5 million websites at a time to pinpoint malware and weaknesses as soon as they make an appearance. Our solutions are essential for developing businesses that are reliant on security systems for their communication and data storage needs. The following are some more ways SiteLock can protect your business and its reputation:


Safeguards your Database

If you install SiteLock, then your websites will be protected against SQL injection which hackers use to access sites that are unprotected along with databases. The software will search your site for weaknesses and strengthen those areas accordingly.


Verifies Your Website’s Safety

Once the software scans your websites and ensures that it is completely free from viruses and other malware, you can display the SiteLock Secure Seal on them. This will ensure visitors who see it that your site is safe to browse since it is verified by a leading web security software.


Validates Your Business and Highly Compatible

SiteLock offers 360° scanning technology which is completely cloud-based. This means that it will start scanning your website as soon as it finds out your domain. In other words, you won’t have to install any expensive software and save bandwidth at the same time. The software also verifies your personal information such as your phone number, email address etc to assure customers that their confidence in your services is not unfounded.

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The software also protects websites from blacklists by monitoring your online reputation. Specifically, it ensures that your emails and communication reach your intended customers rather than spam filters. The website scan also nips malware invasion in the bud by detecting before Google does which will end up with an inaccessible website otherwise.


Monitors File Changes While Keeping Malware at Bay

When SiteLock scans your website’s innermost recesses, it will also detect and tell you when there’s a file change. Thus, this gives you complete transparency in its inner workings. This way it will keep on protecting your online reputation and your target customers against hackers and malware. Your data will remain safe from SQL injection, cross-site scripting along with other sophisticated techniques that can redirect your web traffic or introduce viruses.

How is SiteLock the Most Reliable Business Companion in Terms of Web Security


How SiteLock Works

Our IT Security Services include a SiteLock seal. This will continue to display the last date your website scan even if a problem arises after it. If you fail to rectify the issue, the seal will be replaced by a single transparent image. In other words, visitors will not know that your site has failed a scan. For such actions, we will notify you via email along with an alert on the software’s dashboard. The report will be a detailed one regarding the issue along with tips on how to take care of it.

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