Secure Email Contents With Hosted S/MIME

Things You Need to Know to Secure Email Contents With Hosted S/MIME

Secure Email Contents With Hosted S/MIMEThe internet thrives on data and data mining is the most lucrative business right now. Therefore, secure email contents are one of the important matter in business. Data mining is no longer limited to email addresses or contact details per se. Data privacy concerns go deeper into information conversation in email exchanges. [Meta Description] Protect yourself and your business from data mining & irresponsible parties that exploit your precious business data.

Email Safety First

Surprised? How safe do you think email is nowadays? Well, the email today is a revolution from the snail mail and safety was not so much a concern back then as it is now. There are ways to make emails a lot safer these days. Among them is the enabling hosted S/MIME. Take a peek at our G suite business solutions for a clearer understanding.



S/MIME stands for Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions. What S/MIME does is that it ensures your recipient that YOU are sending the email (not someone else pretending to be you) by signing the email and encrypts the email using a public key. Too technical isn’t?

Here is the layman version: there are times that you may receive emails from known contacts with a subject that seems off yet you open the email only to get ridiculous spam. This means, somehow, somewhere a hacker has access to your email contacts and use it to (almost) con you. The surer and safer version would have been that your contact would have signed their email. Encrypting an email is helping to send your handwritten letter in an envelope so that no one can read its contents. Encrypting an email means your email content has an envelope and once the receiver gets it, only they can open it.

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Essential Information Exchange

All businesses today use email extensively, especially so if there are remote employees all over the world. Everyone in a business organisation is a source of critical information and businesses thrive with the exchange of information from everyone. At times, this information can only be relayed via email. Thus, if a business email account is without hosted S/MIME, there is a possibility of data leaking to unwanted parties. How terrible can it be? Well, it could cause a downfall for the company. Hence, the ideal situation is to enable hosted S/MIME feature in your work device. For information on how to set up hosted S/MIME, look it up right here.


Secure Email

Business starting up should consider enabling hosted S/MIME as their security feature for their email, from the get-go. Otherwise, if they are comfortable with their regular security email feature, let them be. A word of advice though, S/MIME is not about distrusting your employees, it is about ensuring the sender is the real person with full accountability of their work and the receiver is the intended receiver. With a secured email feature, you can have peace of mind right from the start.



Just like hiring security and setting up CCTV for the safety of your shop’s content, enabling hosted S/MIME for your vital information exchanges seems like the right thing to do now.

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