Singapore Government Agencies Cutting Internet Access Internally

Singapore Government Agencies Cutting Internet Access Internally for Employees due to Cyber-Security Concerns

The statement was given by David Koh, in his address to the media that took place on June 10. The announcement was made by the CEO of Cyber Security Agency of Singapore to communicate and address the concern of the citizens related to the decision of disallowing internet surfing on office computers to public servants.

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Employees will have internet access on their phones that they can use for their personal use like for surfing the web. Also, they are allowed to share any non-sensitive emails on their personal account, if there is a need. There will be an issuance of dedicated work terminals for those who need them for work related operations.

A wave of rage passed among the citizens after the news broke out that 100,000 computers being used by public servants would not have access to direct internet connection, as the government wants to further tighten the security of work related emails and other shared documents.

The government faced some serious criticism from the public after this announcement. The social media was flooded with memes regarding this decision taken by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore. There was one meme, where a woman was shown searching for papers in cabinets, just like they use to do in the past. This was defined as the way civil servants would work in future.

Cyber Security Agency of Singapore have taken out time to defend its decision and to explain why this internet lockdown was so essential for the benefit of national security. David Koh defined this decision taken by the Singapore Government Agencies on cutting internet access, as a crucial step for safeguarding the sensitive data of citizens.

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The Importance of Cyber Security

To further shed light on the importance of cyber security among the audience, the CEO of Cyber Security Agency of Singapore added that cyber security serves as a key enabler for any nation. He added that a nation cannot be considered smart, trusted and resilient, if its systems are vulnerable and unsecured. The reason presented by the Singapore Government Agencies on cutting internet access and tightening the cyber security was due to the constant attacks of state actors, cyber criminals and gangs on the cyber security of the country.

The government declared that limiting web surfing for the employees would reduce the overall rate of cyber crime, while making it harder for the hackers to gain access to the internal network of the government. They added that it is the part of their duty and responsibilities, as a public servant to protect the data of the citizens.

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