Why Every Domain Needs ID Protect

Why Every Domain Needs ID Protect

Domain ID ProtectIn the US, there are approximately 9 million identity theft cases almost every year along with 3,000 spam emails sent to people who hate them. The thing is that spammers and hackers can get access to your private information through your domain’s public record but the good news is that ID Protect can keep that from happening.

Some services can even prevent important emails from reaching their destination which basically means that critical ones such as say an offer to purchase a domain goes missing or does not reach its contacts. ID Protect is different from them since it is designed to block spam but forward mail that is useful for the user. The best news is that it can be used on any domain registration such as INFO, TC, ME, ASIA, CM and others.

How ID Protect Works

As a private registration service, ID Theft hides the identity of the domain users that implement them in their systems effectively protecting them from hackers and spammers. It does this by hiding the WHOIS data of the registration of the domain from the public and protects its contacts from nefarious purposes. This is the main source for emails for spammers and if you have ID Protect on your domain name, that information can be changed and made inaccessible. Spammers typically harvest and use those email addresses but once the source is changed, they can be effectively cut off.

Similar services tend to falsify this information in order to provide the same service but they get the domain’s registration suspended as a result. This service on the other hand is completely ICANN compliant and the data it protects is kept in a 3rd party vault.

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Why you should get ID Protect for your business

You can get ID Protect from an IT company, if you have a business website then your domain registration needs to be populated with accurate information that is associated with it. If it is not protected then data miners can very easily crawl all over it, extract it and sell it to marketing firms resulting in an avalanche of spam and junk email. The service will hide that information which includes your contact information and store it in a secure location without risking a possible suspension of the domain registration. It will do this by taking your private information and shielding it from the public while making only anonymous data accessible.

In order to prove that you are the owner of the domain, you can disable ID Protect for a while and then ask the verifying party to corroborate the WHOIS registration details. You can disable the service in any option by accessing your account and clicking on ‘registered domains’ and selecting the option you need to turn it off on. Once the ownership is verified, you can turn it on with a click of a button through the same control panel.

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