Yahoo Becomes a Victim of the Largest Cyber Breach

The US Web Giant Yahoo Becomes a Victim of the Largest Cyber Breach Ever—Your Company Could Be Next

Yahoo Becomes a Victim of the Largest Cyber BreachBusinesses across industries are continuously struggling to strengthen their foothold and increase their market share in the virtual world. To rule the digital arena, competition is not the only threat to online business owners. Cybercrime is also a big threat that hangs like a dagger over online businesses. Therefore, it is crucial for web-based businesses to take extra security measures to ensure that their company is secured and well-protected from cyber breaches.

Talking of cyber breach and the sheer frenzy that it has caused in the virtual world, who can forget what happened two years ago with the US search-engine giant—Yahoo. Recognized as the largest cyber breach ever, that slammed down and took the internet giant off guard in 2014. Simply put, the incident has scarred the market reputation of the company badly. Even after 2 years, Yahoo has still not recovered from the big loss.

Let’s rewind, and see exactly what happened…

Once a $30 billion industry giant, Yahoo experienced a massive cyber attack in 2014 after the hacking incident. The hackers who now the company has confirmed to be ‘State-Sponsored’, stole 500 million accounts and the confidential data of their users—making it the largest internet-based breach in history.


Stolen Information

The stolen information reportedly included user names, birth dates, passwords, answers to secret questions and email addresses. This breach put Yahoo users in big danger as the hackers had access to their personal and confidential data which they could have used to exploit their identity and hack other accounts of those users.

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Besides this, what was even worse was the fact that the hacked data was being sold online, putting the security of Yahoo users at serious risk.

Though the company did try to implement new security measures in place and urged users to review their accounts, change passwords and answer their security questions, these still couldn’t undo the damage that was done. This event had a ripple effect on Yahoo. It damaged its market reputation and made it lose a good percentage of its users. This resulted in a huge loss and put it on the map as the company that didn’t have adequate security measures in place to protect its network from being attacked.


Your Data May Not Be As Safe As You Think

Regardless of what industry you operate in, if you are also competing online, then we highly recommend you to implement proper security measures. Upon doing so, you can keep your network and data away from hackers, malware and cybercriminals. You never know, your company could become the next victim!

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The US Web Giant Yahoo Becomes a Victim of the Largest Cyber Breach Ever - Your Company Could Be Next


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