Increase Your Search Rankings With SEO

Increase Your Search Rankings With SEO

Did you know that most internet users will only click on the first few links of search engine results and not even bother with what’s on the following pages? Traffic drops significantly as the page count progresses towards the back, and for a company, not being listed on the first page is not good news.

How do you get yourself a rank on the first page of the search engine’s results? By recognizing how important it is to employ Search Engine Optimization in your website. What is SEO, you ask?

SEO, to put it simply, is a series of strategies and techniques for websites, which have been designed to help these websites achieve a higher placement. They do this by making websites appear more “attractive” to search engines. SEO optimization has only one goal in mind –  to help websites rank higher on the search engine’s results pages.


Why Is SEO Crucial for Businesses?

Increase Your Search Rankings With SEO

When it’s time to search for what they need, what is the one place that is everyone’s first go-to point? The internet. Whether it be products, services or any other needs they may have, the internet is the first point of reference. Did you know that Google alone processes about two trillion search queries? And that is in one year alone, and it is just Google, not taking into account any of the other search engines yet. As a business, imagine the massive access to potential customers you get just from Google alone.


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That alone is one reason why SEO is so crucial for businesses. Because of the vast market potential that lies within this world. Leads like this hold the possibility of translating into solid business sales and if your website is what the customers lands on first when they are on the lookout for something, you’re in business right there.


Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Search Engine Rankings with SEO

Drive your website and raise it to the top of the search engine’s results page by follow these 5 easy and effective strategies and start increasing your search engine rankings:

  • Only Publish What Is Relevant – All search engines care about is quality, and there is no shortcut or substitute for great content. If you want to be the best, you have to produce the best, and it starts with providing quality content that Internet users are looking for.
  • Insert Your Metadata – This includes title metadata, description and keyword metadata.
  • Regular Updates – Nothing puts people off more than to find a website with outdated content that is no longer relevant. And if people are not interest in your content, you can be sure search engines won’t be either.
  • Make It Link- Worthy – Make relevant links your primary focus point. A great tip would be to write out the name and destination of the site instead of writing “click here” for example, because click here holds no SEO value in it.
  • Alt- Tag It – Do you have videos and images being used in your website? Don’t forget to alt-tag it. Alt-tags are alternative text descriptions, and these are what allow search engines to locate your page.
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