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Off Page Optimization Used for Gaining More Visitors – Off Page SEO Activities

Off Page OptimizationYou definitely have heard about SEO; they are the techniques used to increase the ranking of a site in google search results. This increases the number of people visiting your site and this will promote your business most efficiently on the web. So, for your internet business to truly be successful, you will need to be visible to the people when they search for a relevant product and for that, you should be optimizing your website. There are two types of SEO optimization, on page optimization and off page optimization, and in this article, we talk about the latter.

Off page SEO optimization, as its name suggests are the things done outside of your website, to help increase the traffic. It means creating a lot of backlinks on the internet as possible which lead to your site. So today, we look at the off page SEO techniques 2018 that SEO companies use to help increase your web traffic.


Local Business Entries Optimized

Let us start with this. Last time you searched for a product on google, did the profile of some local business companies pop out on the top? For every business, there was the name, location, phone number, website, review and finally, the direction. And I bet you definitely were more likely to visit any one of these listings to get the specific product. Well, this is what happens when you create a business listing in an online directory. It is not just an Off-page optimization strategy (which helps increase the website visibility), but also a great internet promotion method for your business.

Optimizing business entries, as an SEO method is called Local search marketing. This is for your company and the website to claim its authority over the local market. While doing this, you will need to make sure that there are no broken entries, and you will have to choose the right platform for your business entry. Working with an SEO expert, this is a piece of cake, and it could be the first service provided to you by an IT solution as the first entry in the off page SEO checklist.


Blog Post Outreach

It means influencers and popular bloggers linking people to your website. Sound cool, doesn’t it? Like blogs with a lot of traffic posting about you, and urging people to visit your site for your services. This is done all by networking and finding a basis so the blogs can actually write an article about your company. One of the best ways of doing this is a product review.

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Your IT solution company might ask you to provide one of your products free of cost to a person they know who’s working on such blogs. Nobody is ‘not willing’ to take something free of cost, but make sure in some cases blogs might even ask for money for such business. But after all, that’s fine when a small investment can turn out to be big money for you in the future, which comes in the form of maximum people visiting your website.


High PR backlinks

PR, as an SEO acronym stands for ‘Page Rank.’ As off page optimization is all about creating the best backlinks, the ones you create in those with higher page ranks from yours are the ones that count. There are various ways for you to do this, and your IT solution takes the responsibility of helping you get in one of the higher ranked pages. Here are some of the ways you could get in a high PR listed website.


Guest Posts

You have seen various blogging sites looking for guest writers. And if one of them is a high PR site, then you will have to take the opportunity. You IT Solution Company will ask you to write an article in your field, and help get it published as a guest post in blogs with a lot of visitors, and that is where the magic happens. Of course, you will try to link people to your website in one of two parts of the article and also, there will be your name in the author’s section with contact information and website.



This is how you could get in High PR news sites. Ask your SEO Company to conduct a poll based on peoples interest. If your results are interesting and informative, news sites might publish it for you. Of course, there are going to be credited in the form of backlinks. These, in turn, will result in more people getting a way to discover your website.


Expert Opinion

This could also be an excellent way for you to promote your website. Blogs or magazines on specific niches are continually looking for the views of experts. Thus, it might be you who could be whose opinions might be posted on them. Again, it is about networking, and a good company will have multiple ways to help you reach to a lot of those websites.

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Articles/Editorial Publications Acquired

This is another way for effective off page optimization. Send your best articles to news sites, magazines or publications and get web traffic as a result. Of course, you can’t be 100% sure if your prices are going to be published or not, but you could still take your chances and hope for the best. Once published, it will be of huge help, and it might work wonders for enhancing our website traffic.


Social Media Engagement

I hope you already know how important it is for you to be active in social media marketing to promote your website. Reaching and connecting to more people, this is what that’s necessary for your backlink to get more clicks. Well, Social Media networks exist for that purpose. IT companies might even have more techniques up their sleeve like creating sponsored posts and other social media marketing strategies, and that is what you make use of.


Some Other Methods

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is also effective off page optimization. Of course, in most cases, it simply seems like a scam, but all is good if it increases website visitors. You will have to high traffic websites in your niche and have links to click for the targeted audiences. Of course, nowadays, this might not be so effective given that blogs monitor comments regularly. But who knows, some might allow your comment to remain there as it is.


Submission of PPT

There are many PPT submission sites where you could send your presentations on the related subject. People might be interested in looking at well-made slides with multimedia and effects rather than coming straight to the boring word and images the only article. However, once they want to follow your informative articles, you will find new visitors to your site.



Ping generally means telling search engines that you have updated your page and now it should be recrawled. When you make a backlink for your webpage or site, it is not guaranteed that Google will find it. But when you ping when needed, google or other search engines will get an automatic notification about your links being updated.



You could also make and share videos about your content on sites such as YouTube. This could also attract a lot of people to your website, and it is evident that many big sites are doing the same. Some might be interested in watching videos rather than reading, and doing so will also give you an alternative way to get your services known.

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Infographics Submission

It has been evident that submitting or posting infographics in Social Media or other websites for backlinks are more effective than only using words. Also, infographics are more attractive to look at than plain text. For effectiveness, they should also fulfill the aim of making information convenient for people to percept.


Monthly reports sent to track campaign progress

Now, this is another service provided by truly dedicated SEO services for off page optimization. They will send you monthly reports about your website traffic and review it for themselves to make the campaign more effective. And working with such IT companies, you should be asking for such analytics regularly. It’s for sure you want good value for your money.

Off Page Optimization Used for Gaining More Visitors - Off Page SEO Activities


Find A Good SEO Service

You see, this was only a general overview of the tasks done by SEO services to increase your web traffic. There still are many other off page SEO factors which companies use to help their clients. There is a difference between looking at off page SEO tutorial and asking people making a living out of SEO to work for you. As you see, it is not an easy thing to do to get websites on top in the competitive World Wide Web. Therefore, you should be looking at truly dependable services and not some dirt cheap ones.

Ask for a good track record, and reviews from big websites. You should be getting good results if you pay for them, and that exactly is what we focus on. It is up to you, but we will guarantee you one of the most reliable SEO services. Click here to get more information about us.

Well, this was it for the article. I hope it helped you.


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