On Page Optimization – What IT Solution Focus for SEO Strategy

What SEO companies Focus in For an Efficient On Page SEO 2018

On Page Optimization - What IT Solution Focus for SEO StrategyWith about 644 million active websites, the World Wide Web has been a platform for people or corporates to share and gain information in the easiest way. One of the most convenient methods to communicate, the internet has been an ideal place for people to provide services, and websites are competing to gain more viewers to access their content. One way of doing it is SEO on page optimization and today; we talk about how you can do it easily with the help of an SEO IT Solution Company.

First off, let us start with the concept of SEO itself. It simply means using techniques to help rank your page better in the search results. Websites need a lot of traffic to run. That is only possible when search engines such as Google or Bing show the site when people are searching for relevant content. Of course, search engines show a lot of results. It is very rare for people to click anywhere else than the first page of the search results.

So, if you are serious about having a website, you should also be considering to give your best to have top ranks in Google searches. The simplest approach to that is having an SEO company work for your on page optimization needs. They use a lot of strategies to help your page and let us look at what an SEO company will do for you.


Website Audit

Everything starts with a website audit. SEO services first analyze your website in depth, checking all the ranking factors. In doing so, you can identify what has not been done correctly. It is like searching for potential notches in your site in aspects such as loading speed, keywords use, link analysis, usability, etc. There are different types of website audits, namely website health audit, security audit, competitive audits, etc. The one specifically for SEO is known as the SEO audit. This includes crawling the entire site, from the home page to last, searching for error and weak points. Also, an analysis of the backlinks and links in external platforms such as social networks and other websites is conducted. The process might take some time depending on the size of the site and the number of issues, but it is to be done carefully.


Page Optimized

A proper website audit will list out all the problems in the site which has been avoiding it from getting to the top of the search results. With this information, it is quite easy to fix the issues, modifying or adding items in the site. This is what’s called an SEO page optimization and optimizing a page has various steps to it.



First thing SEO services help you with on page optimization is with keywords. Keywords are simply those terms people type in search engines look for particular content. You should embed keywords in the content on the page which will make it visible to people and SEO services help you do that effectively. Generally, there are two types of keywords, focus keywords (primary keyword) and LSI keywords (secondary or related keywords).


Keyword Research

Working with keywords, the first thing to do is look for words that are more likely to be typed in the search box when people look for particular content. This might sound simple, but it is not, as this is a very sensitive aspect of the SEO on-page optimization. For example, ‘computer history’ and ‘computers history,’ are different keywords and many people search for the former while only a few go for the latter. You should include keywords, especially the focus keyword in the different parts of your web content and the keywords you use should have a high search volume, and at the same time, shouldn’t already have a high concentration rate. SEO services will search for best keywords you could include in your website from various sources like SEMrush or Reddit, in turn making you accessible by a lot of people.

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On-Page / On-Site Optimization

Researching keywords is for on-site optimization. This means getting your on-page content optimized, updating the things that can be seen by the visitors. There are various things needed for the on page optimization, and they are.


URL Rewritten

First off, the SEO technician will rewrite the URL for your website pages, adding keywords and making them short and sweet. URL should never be overlooked because people are not likely to click on ‘ugly URLs’ that show up on search engine results, so every IT solutions focusing on SEO take it seriously.


Meta Keyword Optimization

Optimizing the Meta keyword, it means replacing the current keyword with another similar keyword which is more likely to gather more traffic. SEO services, first change the keywords on your site or the page to another keyword, which is used by more people according to the analytics, which in turn will gather more clicks.


Title Tag Optimized

There are two types of titles, the SEO title, and H2 title. SEO title is one that is shown in the search results, and the H2 title is displayed inside the site. Both of them contain the focus keyword with SEO title also having a tail keyword (such as amazing, 2018, e.t.c and an H2 title is most likely to include an LSI keyword. This is to squeeze in the number of people visiting your site, and the SEO service will do it for you.


Meta Description Optimization

Meta description, the summary of the webpage shown below the title in google search results should also contain focus keyword and be short and sweet, intriguing people to get in the site. Service from an SEO specialist will get your Meta description optimized as well.


Content Optimization

Your content, or your article, whatever you have on your site, should also have it optimized with keywords too. This means having the focus keyword as much as you can(still making it natural, not going above the threshold) also, having related LSI keywords which will help make your page visible when people are searching for specific content.


Website Structural Recommendation

Not only the technical aspects, but SEO services will also help you with designing the website for optimal performance. Google also ranks websites regarding whether people spend time in it or not, and the only way to ensure that is making your site attractive and improving the user experience. When we talk about the website structure, it is not only about the design you will need to organize things like the home page, about page, etc. to make them accessible. It will also make people more willing to come back to your website, which is the purpose of SEO.


Sitemap Creation

It is almost similar to website structural recommendation; the SEO service will help you create a sitemap, a diagram containing different parts of the recommended site design for better SEO implementation. Your site should contain visible links that will help search engine crawlers (search engine tools) to go through them to rank your page when users search for relevant content. You will need to work with site categories, URL structure, headers and internal links, which will be convenient when you hire SEO services for On Page Optimization.

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Leverage Browser Caching

Have you ever noticed sites loading faster than the previous time when you load it again? This is because of browser caching. Caching is when a browser saves the resources from a website in it so that it won’t have to load them again when the site is opened afterwards. This, in turn, increases the loading speed. Leverage means the website instructing browsers on how to deal with its resources. There are various methods of browser caching. You will not have to worry about it in case you have a Seo solution company working for you.


IP Canonicalization

It might not be implemented by some services, but IP canonicalization is also used as an SEO technique. IP canonicalization means letting users access your website when they enter your IP address in their browser. Even if it might not bring a significant change to the rankings, but it’s still worth a try to bring in a few visitors. To do this, you will need a dedicated IP address.


Site Technical Errors Check

We have talked enough about website auditing, designing and modifying the content for on page optimization. Now, it’s time for us to talk about technical issues that are checked during an SEO process. There might be various unseen and unsolved problems lurking in your site, which might be avoiding search engines from finding the links, and it is a must that you detect and resolve them appropriately.


404 Errors

You have heard about this error, the 404 error and you might have faced it when trying to access various sites. There generally is a message of the URL not being found or the article being deleted. This might happen because of multiple reasons for it, such as broken backlinks, or overlooking during website redesign and the SEO services look for to recognize and fix the causes of this error. Some might even suggest restoring the deleted pages or move the content from one URL to another. Also, they will help with the constant monitoring of such issues and fix them when needed.


Domain Redirect Optimized

This service can also be termed as 301 redirect. This is needed in case you want to move your content from one URL to another. Search engines work according to links, you know this, and when you change the link of material, you might lose your SEO scores. But a 301 redirect will help you resolve it, as it tells the search engine that an updated version of the same content is has been moved on to the new URL which in turn will help you recover your SEO stats. To do this, you will have to make some changes to the PHP codes, which will be done by the SEO Company.


Backlink Analysis

This is not an on page optimization, but it is still a crucial SEO technique. Backlinks are the links of your site on other websites. You will need to have as much as backlinks as you can in the most visited sites apart from yours, and you should have them in the right place, where people can see them. They should not be broken or misleading, and also, there should be attractive anchor texts above those links.

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Error Solving Through Google Webmaster

Google webmaster, or google search console, as it is said these days is a useful tool to fix crawl errors you might have been facing. Crawl errors are technical errors that might affect the connectivity of your website with Google. In simple terms, crawl errors might be avoiding google to list your page in the search results. Crawl errors have been divided into two parts, site error and URL errors. Site errors might constitute DNS error (related to your Domain Name System), Server connectivity and Robots.txt fetch. These errors affect your website as a whole, while similar issues with affecting a particular page are called URL error. Errors happen randomly, just that SEO services, make sure that they won’t frequently occur during on page optimization.


Google Analytics Check & Google Webmaster Console Check & Installed

A good SEO service is not only about helping you once, taking your money and disappearing from your sight. Good SEO services constantly monitor google analytics to see if the website is doing well. They will also use these analytics methods to check effective keywords and update them on a regular basis. SEO services will also conduct a google webmaster console check for your website. These experts will set it up for you so you can use it again in the later time.


Rich Snippet Optimization

You have seen that limited characters are visible in search results as title and meta description, due to which viewer might not be able to get every information about the page. There is a limitation to the information you can give and sometimes what’s shown in search results can be incomplete.

Getting rich snippet optimized is not only beneficial to the search engine. It also helps people searching for relevant content. When people search for stuff on a search engine, they can see the Title, Meta description, and URL. But with the help of rich snippet, extra information can be present. These include review, rating, products, people or votes, which will give more insight into the content. This is a way for you to help increase your website views without improving the ranking. Just ask your SEO service provider to optimize the snippet.

What SEO companies Focus in For an Efficient On Page SEO 2018


Closing Words: Find the Perfect SEO Service

Utilizing an SEO service or not is all up to you, but only if you know all the tricks. People make a living out of SEO, which also means that more websites are getting SEO services. Thus, it is competitive for both SEO service offices and webmasters. It is indeed necessary for you to get in touch with a good SEO service, an effective one with a convincible portfolio. You could search for it yourself, or alternatively, you might consider working with us to get guaranteed results. Click here to get started with one of the best SEO services you could get on the internet today.

Well, this was it for the article. I hope this didn’t only give you a brief idea of how SEO services work for on page optimization but also helped starters getting in this field. If it did help, leave your feedback and good luck with your website getting maximum traffic.



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