SEO Strategy: Spending S$10,000 Dollar with SEO Marketing Company

Why Is Spending at Least S$10,000 a Year a Sound SEO Strategy for Your Business?

Spending S$10,000 with SEO Marketing CompanyTwo of the most commonly asked question by a website owner is 2018 would be, “do I need SEO services” and “what is the price for a good SEO service and SEO strategy.” We can give you the exact answer for the first question, and that would be a straight yes. The World Wide Web is highly competitive.  No matter how good your content is, there remains a huge chance that you will be suppressed unseen in the overcrowded arena of the websites providing similar content.

For the next question, even if the answer would be subjective, we would say at least an S$10,000 for an effective SEO strategy. This might not be true from the perspective of everyone, for some websites even spend hundreds of thousands of dollars annually on SEO alone. But to get the job done, let’s say, for at least getting your website on the first page of google search results, we will say it is S$10,000, as per our experience as a leading SEO marketing company not only in Singapore but all over Asia.

Fifteen Thousand Dollars? Really? For some of you, this could sound a lot. But believe me, it is not. As you see, paying your SEO company is not an expenditure, but an investment. Getting amazing traffic on your website will value to a lot than the mere S$10,000 we are talking about. Also, if you are paying for an SEO service, you would want to make sure that what you spend your money on, will work. SEO is not an easy task to do. Anybody can stack keywords, and overflow them, and that is not what an SEO strategy is about.


SEO Strategy – Expertise is What You Need

For an effective SEO campaign, you will need to pay a team of SEO experts, those who are totally dedicated to their work. You will need to pay website designers, SEO craftsmen, planners, content writers, and reviewers among the others. Also, if an SEO marketing company guarantees you the best, they won’t be paying anyone unprofessional. They have their own portfolio to build and their own statistics to answer to. After all, they are businesses who want to secure bigger clients, and for that, they will need to make sure that they stretch their results with the current client to the maximum. And well, of course, we are a company such as talked about here, and planning budgets and making all the cuts, S$10,000 is lowest we can settle to afford all the help required to make our clients truly satisfied with the work.

Our beloved SEO marketing company, IT Solution Singapore builds an SEO strategy plan after understanding the business niche and the target audience. We are all about devising the plans and using them at the right place at the right time.


SEO Strategy

A good SEO strategy optimizes the activities of the search engine optimization so that the traffic flowing to the website is increased, the conversation rates are improved, and thus the revenue is boosted. Working with the right company will define the right SEO strategy plans and thus the results can be seen in the first few months itself- i.e., returns on the investment that you make.

The common types of SEO strategies include:

  • On page SEO, it is done to make the website rank well in search engines by optimizing the content, web pages, and the URL.
  • Off-page SEO, it is done by creating backlinks so that there is an improvement in the search engine result page.


Initial Analysis

Spending S$10,000 with SEO Marketing CompanyWe do a complete analysis of your website and the competitors. We understand the infrastructure of the website, the targeted keywords, the on-page content. Initial analysis of the website also involves:

  • The structure of the website
  • Link building-both internal links and website links
  • Backlinking
  • Meta title and meta description
  • Headers- h1,h2,h3
  • The length of the content
  • The structure of the content
  • The frequency of the content update
  • Analysis of the same data for the competitor.


Keyword Research

The right keywords need to be researched depending on the business niche. The number of target keywords depends on the scope of the content. SEO analyst has the complete idea about the number of keywords, and then a plan must be developed to fit these keywords along with the link submission to help the content rank well in the search engine.

The SEO marketing company is excellent at creating a balance between the long tail and the short tail keywords and the amount of search volume.



Then we begin implementing our SEO strategy, both on-page and off-page. The decided changes will now be managed through a professional web developer or a content management system. Off-page SEO includes link building and improving the visibility of your website on the search engine.



We give your progress reports at the end of every month. These reports will help you track your progress and the strategies that we are following. It is recommended that you must keep in touch with the IT solutions as you can communicate about the SEO strategies and question them about the activities carried. Typically, it must take three months to one year to show the results.

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On-Going Maintenance

Once your website has started ranking well in Google, we believe in expanding your portfolio of keywords so that you can target more keywords. Expanding the keyword portfolio depends on the number of the pages you have on the website, your competitors, lead generation, conversion rate, and other such factors.

With time, it becomes important to expand your keyword portfolio, and this requires continuous monitoring, tweaking and expanding the list of targeted keywords.



Reviewing the SEO strategy plans involves reviewing the targeted keywords, backlink, link building solutions, content writing which must be done every month. If your competition is strong, then it is necessary that review must be done sooner.

What do you get after investing 10k for SEO strategy?

S$10,000 is the minimum investment from your side to get the maximum job done. After paying the amount, you only won’t get web content optimization, but many other services which will act as a support for it to truly guarantee great results.

The digital marketing company provides the following services:

  1. Hosting services including domains, service hosting, SSL certificates, Site lock, geo trust anti-malware scan.
  2. Marketing services such as content marketing service, search engine optimization, website design, logo design, business card design, video marketing, social media marketing, pay per click advertising, Google business view, lead generation service, photography service.

Every business is different, and we cater the digital marketing services which meet the business niche and harness our technology to empower your business, under cost-effective rates.

Our services are optimized in such a way that the infrastructure of the company is protected, so that smooth operations are maintained throughout.


Brief Insight to Our Processes

To help make your website the paramount in your field, here are the processes we go through to ensure that your website will be part of a great SEO strategy example. All of this might take some time.


On Page Optimization

Website Audit

Spending S$10,000 with SEO Marketing CompanyFirst comes the website audit. There are various factors that Google uses to rank the pages. This includes the proper use of keywords, page load speed, dwell time, link analysis, usability and many more. Website audit means we will be crawling through the entire website, top to bottom, looking for any potential notches in these areas. We won’t be looking at the good part of your website, just that we will be pointing out all the areas where you have issues and keep a note of them. This process for us takes quite some time, like for days, depending on the size of your website, as we can’t afford to leave any problems unchecked.

Pages Optimized

Now that we have the information as of where the improvements are to be made, it will be easier for us to go about resolving everything and optimize the website.

Keywords Research

We will be looking for high-yielding keywords. Remember that when we say ‘high-yielding,’ we don’t only mean keywords with high search volume. Keywords, no matter how popular they might be, won’t be able to bring any results if the web content flood over them. So, we will have to look for keywords which people search and at the same time don’t have a lot of results based on them.

On-Page Optimization

Researching keywords is the gateway for on-page optimization. On-page optimization is optimizing the things viewable on the website to gather more traffic. Here is what our SEO marketing company does to optimize the on-page items.

URL Rewritten

Tell us about the links that lead to your web content. Do they have the necessary keywords? Are they short, sweet and beautiful such that people would want to click on them? You must be familiar with your own experience that you don’t want to click on the links which are unnecessarily long and ‘ugly.’ Also, you are unwilling to click on the link which doesn’t have any information about the content it is offering. Well, this is what we work on with while rewriting the URL of your pages.

Title Tag Optimized

We put two titles on every content that you have. One is the SEO title, which is to be seen in the web results. As it has limited characters available in case you want it to be visible in the web results, you will also need another title tag, the h2 title, as we like to call it, which lies inside the website and has all the information about the content. Also, don’t worry, we will have keywords on both of these titles, and if possible, we will also look for ways to crawl in LSI keywords.

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Meta Description Optimized

There are times you need to and keep away from adding meta description to your pages. We are aware of both the situations and in case you need a meta description, we will do it for you. Meta Description must be attractive. It should be making people willing to open the page. And of course, it should have keywords as well, inside a limited character count. You need good writers to have great meta descriptions.

Meta Keyword Optimized

Meta Keywords are the keywords which can’t be seen by the people but are visible to the search engine. This is a cool concept for being able to feed the search engine with a keyword to discover your site, but which adding meta keywords, we will need to be sure we don’t overuse them. As they have been used for a lot of spamming in recent times, the Google policy for the meta keywords is strict.

Content Optimization

Spending S$10,000 with SEO Marketing CompanyWe will need to explain this separately. Whatever be the content in your website, whether that be words, images, videos or anything else, will need to be optimized for an effective SEO strategy. This is done with keywords and their proper use of course, and we don’t only work with the focus keyword, but will also include LSI keywords, secondary keywords similar to the main keyword to give search engines more basis to find you.

Website Structural Recommendation

Website structure, if needed to be changed, we notice that to you and help you to modify it. You will need to improve people’s experience with the site, as said before, Google ranks pages according to the dwell time. For this, you will need to make your website attractive and give people links to click at the right time, so that they will find more engaging content to remain and come back to your site.

Sitemap Creation

Let’s take this as almost similar to the structural recommendation, but not completely the same. Our SEO marketing company, with the help of web designers and SEO experts at the same time, will make a diagram containing the required site design for optimal SEO performance. We keep on various factors in checks such as site categories, URL structure, headers, and internal links. We will also need to keep link visible to the search engine, as it can go through them when ranking your pages in google.

Leverage Browser Caching

You will need caching for your website, too. Caching means letting browsers hold some resources from your website so that it won’t need to load those resources next time the user opens your site. This is also an effective SEO strategy, as it helps decrease the load time of the site, and people will be more willing to come back to the site.

IP Canonicalization

This might not bring so many visitors, but, as they say, something is better than nothing. In case you have a dedicated IP address, then with IP canonicalization, we can turn it into a link to your website. Meaning that every time users type in your IP address in their web browser, your site will open.

Site Technical Errors Check

Those were the general part of the On-page optimization; now we will have to make sure that there are no technical issues on your site. These issues, of course, have been seen in the SEO auditing, and our team of the experienced web developers will help you with this.

404 Pages Error removal

Error 404: Page not found. It is annoying, isn’t it? This error might occur because of various reasons such as broken backlinks or overlooking during website redesign, and we provide you with methods to solve it. We constantly monitor this issue and address it every time it is needed.

Domain Redirect Optimized (i.e., 301 redirects)

Spending S$10,000 with SEO Marketing CompanySometimes, you may need to move content from one link to another. This is not a tough thing to do, for anyone can copy something and paste it. But, keep this in mind that search engines work with links. Without the 301 redirects, you may lose your SEO scores when you move stuff from one link to another. Anyway, working with our SEO marketing company, you won’t have to worry about that.

Error Solving Through Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster, also known as the Google Console can be used to fix the crawl errors your website may have. Crawl errors are the issues in your website which might be avoiding Google from crawling through your site, means going through your site, which in turn will affect the visibility in the search results. There are two types of crawl errors, site error, and URL error. And help you to fix both of them.

Rich Snippet Optimized

We will also need to get the rich snippet optimized to get maximum visits. You have noticed that in some web search results, there is extra information apart from the tile, YRL and meta description. They might be ratings, article type, people, votes, e.t.c, which will help people get more insights on a link before they click on it.

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Off Page Optimization

Off Page Optimization is a term used to denote the SEO technique we apply outside from your site to help increase the backlinks into it.

Local Business Listings Optimized

This is a necessary procedure to get more visitors to your site, and more importantly, more customers for your business. If you run a local business, we will help you register it with Google, so that it pops out when people in your locality search for the services you offer. We will need to include the name, location, phone number, website, review and finally, the directions. This process is known as the local search marketing and will help you take over the local market.

Blog Post Outreach

We will help you with being written about in bigger blogs. Connections are important to get more visitors. Being an SEO marketing company working with various websites, we don’t have any shortage of high traffic blogs where we could sneak in your product for a review or something similar to get your links there.

High PR Backlinks

We won’t only work with blogs. If there are magazine sites or news sites where you want to get published, we will help you with that. For example, if you want to get published to a news site, we could help you invest in a relevant survey from where news might be made up of. There are also other ways such as guest posts, expert opinions, press release, magazine articles e.t.c, and we will look for what works for you. The idea is getting your website link to as many high PR sites as possible, and we have a different marketing team for that.

Social Media Engagement

Social Media has been an essential part of our life. And of course, social media is also an integral part of an effective SEO strategy. Our social media team will make sure that you raise your authority in the social media game, all of our team members know exactly how you can gain more followers in social media. We recommend getting social media accounts on as much as websites you can, and we will manage it for you.


Other Ways

Blog Commenting: We will comment on blogs with links. But don’t worry, we won’t make it look like spam.

Submission of PPT: You can submit presentations on your field on various websites to increase the backlinks

Ping: Modifying links or changing something in your site, you will have to tell Google about that. We will notify Google that the links have been updated in a timely fashion.

Video: Want to take your website SEO to the next level? A useful SEO strategy template 2018 would be making and editing videos about your content, which will attract people not so interested in plain words.

Infographics: Some people consider diagrams to more convenient than plain text. We will make infographics about your content and post it in social media or other websites. This enables people to understand what your site is about, as they come knocking onto your doors.

Backlink Analysis: We check all the backlinks on a timely basis. We have to make sure that they are not broken or are in accordance with the time.


Monthly Reports to Track Campaign Progress

Talk is easy, we know, but working is hard. After you spend money, you deserve to get results, and that is what we make you familiar with. Every month, we are going to send your reports about the SEO campaign progress to assure you that your investments are in good hands.

Only White Hat Technology will be used for the project

Contract Duration: 12 months

Activities Covered under Contract: Below Table Summarize all the service we provide in our SEO package


SEO Marketing Company

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