WordPress On-Page SEO Best Practices Checklist 2018

SEO Best Practices You Must Practice to Attain the Most Effective WordPress On-Page SEO

WordPress On-Page SEO Best Practices Checklist 2018Everyone who puts up content on the internet hopes that it reaches to a lot of people, and speaking straight, this is the importance of SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a combination of techniques you use to rank your content better in the google search results. Or any other search engine that the people use.

Done in the right way an SEO optimized content could be visible on the top of the search results, whichever engine the people use while searching for similar content.  This will be helpful in many aspects as you see, people are more likely to click on the top sites when they get their search results. More traffic, this is what you get from SEO optimization, and today, we talk about WordPress On-Page SEO. Meaning what you should include in your content to get more visitors. So, here are the SEO Best Practices that you can’t afford to miss.



The first thing you need to do is to work with keywords. In simple terms, keywords are the words you include in your content, specifically which people are most likely to type in the google search box so that your site pops out when they are looking for relevant content. Here are the specific types of keywords:

Focus Keyword

Your content must have at least one focus keyword, a word that represents the article. For example, take this article. I am writing about on-page SEO techniques 2018, and the focus keyword is ‘SEO best practices.’ I would want to repeat this word in the article when I get the chance, but still being careful that what I write looks natural. An effective way to ensure that could keep the keyword density around 0.6% to 1%. But make sure you don’t stuff the focus keyword everywhere unnecessarily, which might even cause Google to penalize your site.

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Title of the article. Make it short and sweet, visible on google, and it should contain the focus keyword. Also, add some tail keywords like ‘best,’ ‘2018’ or similar terms which will attract more people and act as a secondary one.


Meta Description

This is the description of the page that appears on the search engine website, below the title. These days, some people avoid adding a meta description, because Google still shows the fragment of the page containing the keyword that the user searched for, but in case you have a meta description, don’t forget to add the focus keyword.


LSI Keyword

These are secondary keywords linked to the main keyword. Doing an effective WordPress on-page Seo, don’t forget to add LSI keywords, which will increase your visibility. The easiest approach to it would be looking at the bottom of google page while you look for the focus keyword, and try to add all the words that you see there.


Keyword Research

Look out for keywords people are most likely to search. For this, you could use a third party platform like SEMrush, where you can see the search volumes. Make sure that even a small difference in the keyword make a have a significant effect on the result, for example, thousands of people search for ‘elephant tattoo’ while only a few go for ‘elephant tattoos.’ Also, don’t opt for concentrated keywords, try to avoid the keywords that already have a lot of articles on them.


Long and Engaging Content

You will have to increase the ‘dwell time.’ This is what Google calls the time that people spend on your webpage, so you wouldn’t want them to close the page as soon as they open it. Also, one of SEO best practices is to help make the content engaging, focus on the quality of your writing. You don’t need to be Shakespeare to do it, just make your scripts are simple and informative. Give your best; you wouldn’t want to take any chances because Google sometimes does manual checks for the top web pages.

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H2 Title

You will need to have two titles, one is the SEO title that displays on the search results, and another is the H2 title, inside the site. The advantage to this WordPress On-Page SEO technique is that it allows the use of more length and also gives you an option of adding an LSI keyword.


Less Loading Time

Speed up the site. This is also a fundamental SEO practice, and it defines how convenient it is for the people to remain on your site or come back after. Google also considers this as a factor while ranking pages so make sure you use methods such as optimizing images, using good WordPress hosting, etc.


Internal Page Linking, Anchor Text

You have seen a page on a site having a link embedded on words which take to another page on the same website while you click on it, and it is called internal page linking. And the text where you put up the link is called anchor text. It is a secondary approach to WordPress On-Page SEO technique and is very important. So try to have relevant content always pointed out on anchor text, which in turn will help to boost the traffic.


Image Caption

You can’t miss out on the image caption if you are looking at SEO best practices meaning that there’s a lot you can do with pictures in your site. First, it is a perfect way to make your page attractive, being a multimedia aspect and another is that the caption of an image could be a perfect place to add keywords, especially for those keywords which don’t go with the text naturally.

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SEO Best Practices You Must Practice to Attain the Most Effective WordPress On-Page SEO


Update and Republish

Most keywords are parallel with the trend. So, as trend changes, keywords will also be different as per people’s interest. So, updating or republishing your articles is always a healthy SEO practice. Not only as an SEO, but this will also help your readers be up to date and increase your overall creditability. So, these were the best SEO practices that you should keep on mind the next time you write something for the web.

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