Discover Ways to Secure your WordPress Website

Discover Ways to Secure your WordPress Website

Simple Ways to Secure Your WordPress WebsiteOne of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) available for websites and blogs is WordPress. However, despite it’s popularity, there are numerous weaknesses which makes it open to exploitation to hackers and scammers. Fortunately, there are several steps a user can take to enhance his or her WordPress website security.


Update Themes and Plugins

For one, make sure your website is constantly updated, including the latest plugins and themes. The reason to keep your website updated is because hackers will normally study weaknesses in your software and begin their attack using these weak points. Hackers would normally read the release notes and discover the vulnerabilities in the software. So, by keeping your website updated, you can fix all these vulnerabilities and weaknesses and strengthen your website against these attacks.


Remove Unused Theme

Also, it is best you remove all your unused themes and plugins as these not only use up your storage space, but are also a vulnerability to hackers. Moreover, it may affect the performance of the website and backing up of files due to its storage size.


Monitoring Changes to your Files

For added security, plugins such as Wordfence and iTheme can provide extra security for your website by monitoring any changes.


Regularly Back-up your Website

Be reminded that any unintentional file change may be a sign of an impending threat. Apart from that, you should also regularly backup your website. This will help remove malicious files and it is best to do backups daily, weekly or monthly.

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Protect Login Details

Using default login paths and usernames is also something to avoid. Be sure to change your username at least to make it difficult for hackers. Your password is an important barrier to protect your website and you should use complex passwords that are a combination of uppercase, lowercase letters, symbols and numbers. You must also change your password regularly for added security.


Secure and Reliable Hosting Provider

Before you choose a hosting provider, make sure it is one with strong security measures who also schedules backup for you. Make sure it is a reliable company that protects your files.


Use SSL for Data Encryption

Unsecured websites can help to spread malicious software and files that will harm you. Bear in mind that securing your WordPress website is not only about your own website, but also affects your visitors. Implement a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate to authenticate and encrypt the data transferred through the website to the server. If your website is hacked, it can create a domino effect and cause much greater damage than you think. Be safe and not sorry. If you require any assistance, contact us.

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