Logo Design for Business

Logo Design for Business

In business, a logo is absolutely essential for being a part of a company’s identity. Thus, a logo design, as an area of graphic design, should be made carefully with several considerations such as a company’s vision, mission, and philosophy in order to enrich every line, shape or color with a company’s value.

A logo is a graphic symbol, emblem or mark used by individuals, enterprises or organizations to promote public recognition. The popularity of a logo was started in the 1950s when Modernism shed its roots as an artistic movement in Europe to be a commercialized movement in the United States. At the time, visual simplicity of Modernism functioned as an effective tool to create a company’s public impression in its simplest form.

A Company’s Logo and Identity

A logo primarily functions as an aid to elicit recognition and to represent a company’s brand or corporate identity. As a part of a company’s identity, a logo can feature a company’s name embellished with a single color or more as well as a little graphic touch. A logo is substantial for being the basis of other marketing materials such as packaging, stationery, signage, and promotional materials, defining and symbolizing a company’s character. A logo design strengthens a company’s image and identity that give a psychological advantage over competition.

Types of Logo Design

There are three types of logo design; they are symbolic (iconic), wordmark (logotype) and combination mark.

  1. Symbolic (iconic). A compelling but uncomplicated image that is emblematic of a particular product or company. It uses imagery that delivers an abstract or literal representation of a company. A symbolic logo is recognizable, memorable and illustrative.
  2. Wordmark (logotype). A uniquely styled type font that comes in a lot of possible shapes, styles and sizes that convey a different impression upon viewers. The type font can include hand-drawn letters, characters or symbols that are uniquely designed to capture the interest.
  3. Combination mark. A combination of a symbol (icon) and text logo that represents an image that a company tries to create. This design provides supplemental clarity about a company.
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Designing a Logo is a BIG deal!

Because of its long term implications and its role in being a part of a company’s identity, choosing a logo design is an important decision. A good logo is designed to last at least a decade. More often than not, a professional touch is important to consider. Even if a person has a good sense of design, a consultation with a professional designer is required because a designer can help determine whether or not a design can transfer easily into print, or other technical considerations. A designer will also concern about the meaning of a logo, not merely about the appearance and think of appropriate logo colors that have various connotations and associations through social and cultural conditions in the society where the company is established.

Overall, as important as marketing in a business, our logo design services plays a big role in signifying the existence of a business in a competition. To leave a good image or impression of a company, it is advised to hire a professional firm with experienced logo designers to make an artistic and functional logo design that attracts the public.

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