Why Do Your Physical Store and Office Require Google Business View?

Why Do Your Physical Store and Office Require Google Business View?

Google business view in Singapore is now rising to fame. At times, business owners think that Google My Business is enough to boost their site’s visibility and drive more traffic. In fact, it is now just a half way to success with their business on Google. There is another Google product worth considering especially if they concentrate on local businesses – Google Business View.

Google Business View is crucial for today’s business competition. It helps promote a company’s brand and drives traffic into the business. If the company is land-based such as a restaurant, storefront, or office building, using Google Business View immediately makes it stand out in web searches. According to Yelp, 85% of people use the internet to find local businesses. Moreover, 60.9% of all local searches were made on Google. So, Google is a really significant key to driving more traffic to your site and attracting more consumers locally. Besides, Google loves companies that use their services.

Google has provided many interesting business services ranging from Google Search to Google Maps. The business services are important for finding consumers quickly and easily. Plus, Google My Business gives a way to show consumers your operating hours, reviews, ratings, and information about your company. Using the service, the company can also show the photographs of its store and products. All Google business services are quick, easy and free. The best thing is they make intermediate improvements in the search engine rankings. Of course, if the use is harmoniously integrated with great contents. So, it is great to use Google business view in Singapore.

Google Business View is one of the most recent Google business services. It provides a 360-degree virtual tour and photographs for Business page and Google Maps listing. This service is really interesting for both business owners and consumers. The virtual tour is a perfect way to let consumers know your business physically. Powered with the same technology for Google Street View, the tour is of course really welcomed by consumers and eventually delivers better results than SEO.

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Google Business View, a 360-degree virtual tour for business

All Google services are integrated. It means that Google Business View will also appear in Google Maps, Google+ and Google search results on all kinds of device. The key benefits of using the Google service include:

  • Better business visibility and local SEO
  • Better engagement with your consumers online and offline
  • The ability to let consumers experience the décor and ambience of the company
  • High quality photography for online presence

Overall, there are at least four Google Business View benefits. If the company resides in Singapore, contacting one of the local companies that offer such services is ideal. IT Solution provides professional Google Business View services that will maximize your business exposure.

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