Why Does Your Website Need SSL Certificates?

Why Does Your Website Need SSL Certificates?

Why Does Your Website Need SSL Certificates?Why Your Website Need SSL Certificates? Many people relate the use of SSL certificates to a small rankings boost to sites using it. However, only a small percentage of people actually decide to switch their sites to sitewide SSL, for certain pages or a full site. There are many talks about this transition so looking at this action as good or bad, recommended or forbidden, is not really appropriate. IT Solution will discuss how SSL certificates work.


Why Your Website Need SSL Certificates – Pros

Talking about the use of SSL certificates, people are forced to face so many probabilities. There is no guarantee that Google will give their desired ranking boost. Or, if it does, who can tell that Google will not take it back? But, this transition may probably be necessary in some cases.

Case 1. Online Store

If someone runs an online store or whatever that takes credit card payments directly on his site, SSL is necessary to encrypt his customers’ credit card information. Usually, SSL is applied to the pages where transactions are made, or forms are filled with personal information. If the payment method is using Paypal, the transition is unnecessary.

SSL certificates give more security

Case 2. Memberships Site

If someone runs a memberships site such as forums or communities where members are required to fill in the forms with personal information, pictures or videos, SSL is used to avoid the leakage of the information and put it at risk.

Case 3. A site with sensitive information submission

Some sites may contain a form or two in which visitors are asked to submit some sensitive information such as documents, photos or others. SSL is used to keep the information safe.

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Looking at the cases above, it is easy to say that a blog without any credit card information or other sensitive information submitted does not need any transition. Roughly speaking, SSL certificates are important to give some values into your sites such as trust, experience and future-proofing.


SSL Certificates Cons

However, the security given by SSL certificates does not always make the decision of using it easier. There are a lot of things to consider. Most of them are about the long, exhausting process it may take. Said, Our SSL IT services will bring a huge change into your site, not just a mere change of URL.

  • Social shares
    The transition to SSL site will make the site use https. This small-looking change can mean a loss of all comments and share counts of social media. You must take all the efforts back from the beginning. In addition, social icons may not work properly on the site. And, there may be a frustrating cycle of error after error.
  • Internal links
    How many internal links are on the site? It equals with the effort you may take in replacing them using their new https URL.
  • Plugin problems
    Problems will occur to plugins randomly on your site. At times, the site owner must contact the developer for a patch or change the plugins altogether.
  • Webmaster tools
    All the changes of URL also mean those of sitemaps. The site owner must remove and re-add his site in Google’s Webmaster Tools and submit a new one for Google re-indexing.

After all of the efforts, the site is likely to have a lower bounce rate and more trust from visitors. So, how unnecessary SSL certificates are for your site depends on your purposes. If you want to secure your website, then you need to hire professionals who can guarantee you web protection. One of the ways to do this is by securing an SSL certificate.

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