How Video Marketing can take your Business from Zero to Hero

How Video Marketing can take your Business from Zero to Hero

If you are in search Video Marketingof effective marketing solutions that can

  • Expand your business
  • Sell more than what you are currently selling
  • Attract more target consumers
  • Take over social media by storm

… then you should add video promotion to your marketing efforts but you will certainly not be the first one to do so. The thing is, a lot of organizations know that today the average consumer is in search of in-depth information that the written content may not be able to accommodate at times. Plus, most do not have the time to go through reams of information when they can absorb more relevant information from a 2 to 3 minutes long video. That’s because you can easily include relevant points in a video that your target viewers can see and comment on quickly with video marketing services.


Creates Personal Connections

The reason why video content is more persuasive than other online content is because it caters to the part of the human psyche that requires emotional input to make decisions. Since videos effect the brain’s visual and auditory system (by effecting our tendency to pick up on facial expressions, music, body language etc), this creates an emotional connection that influences the viewer’s choices and actions.

In fact, according to studies, 80% of them admit that they are more likely to purchase a product if they watch a video outlining its features. Seeing a human being that has the viewer’s best interests at heart has the tendency to create an emotional connection that adds credibility to the message being conveyed. Once they can see you, they will automatically make a connection with you and the brand/business you represent. It’s more comforting to place trust in the face of a brand than a large organization that most people have distrust on an instinctual level.

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Enhances Digital Footprint

The bottom line is search engines love video content so adding this element into your marketing efforts can inject new life into your online strategies. However, not just any video will do; search engines typically land on content that is engaging to viewers to determine if it is worth of a higher ranking. Since videos boast higher engagement levels, you cannot go wrong if you decide to implement Video Marketing.

In fact, if a web page has a video, it has a 50% chance of appearing on the first page of search results. Even though this number is constantly changing with new Google upgrades, the fact that video will always increase your website’s searchability will not. That’s because interactive content like this sends Google ‘Indicators of Relevance’ that can boost your rankings and thus ensure:

  • 40% higher click through rates
  • 300% more online visits on business website
  • 3 times more natural in-bound links

…and other benefits that can enhance your business’s digital footprint. That is besides the fact that videos can be uploaded on YouTube, the second largest search engine on the globe increasing your brand’s visibility online and off.

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